Drupal 8 Kanbans with Burndown Module

A Drupal 8 kanban project management solution is easy to accomplish with the Burndown module. The module adds Drupal 8 project management features including kanban and sprint-based projects for Drupal users. We recommend downgrading your PHP version or choosing a different application to achieve your goals if while using Burndown you receive the error “The Read More >

Drupal Mixpanel Integration Methods

Drupal Mixpanel integration grants access to a product analytics stack with powerful features centered around deep user segmentation and A/B testing. This is much more complex than most popular web analytics tools like Matomo. Those are primarily focused on reporting user activity, not modifying a website in accordance with someone’s user agent, geolocation, etc. From Read More >

How to Configure the Drupal Redirect Module

The Drupal Redirect module is useful for many situations common to website owners. Remember the benefits to having an active blog with content relevant to your industry: Build trust with potential clients Increase opportunities for brand awareness as users share your content across social media Share testimonials from satisfied customers In summary, a blog creates Read More >

Drupal CKEditor Content Accessibility Auditor

The Drupal CKEditor Accessibility Auditor(HTML_CodeSniffer) module allows writers to check content for website accessibility issues without additional browser extensions. The Drupal accessibility module can switch between auditing WCAG2A, WCAG2AA, WCAG2AAA, and Section 508 compliance. Setup the Drupal CKEditor Accessibility Auditor Module Install CKEditor Accessibility Auditor Configure the CKEditor Accessibility Auditor Module in Drupal 8 Configure Read More >

How to Create an Ads.Txt File in Drupal

The Ads.txt file, which stands for Authorized Digital Sellers, is a countermeasure against fraud within programmatic advertising. This initiative, governed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), allows two important things:  Anyone can see which companies are authorized to sell ad inventory for a specific website Advertisers can ensure ad space purchases for a website aren’t Read More >

How to Configure the AddToAny Drupal Module

Browser and Drupal social media plugins help visitors share your content among their online networks. The AddToAny Drupal module adds a small group of buttons at the bottom of your pages. This is common among a lot of popular blogs and they’re small enough to have no negative impact on user experience (UX). This makes it Read More >

How to Configure the Real-time SEO for Drupal Module

XML Sitemaps and meta tags can be set-and-forget configurations. But their benefits won’t sustain well without good copywriting for search engine optimization (SEO). Real-time SEO for Drupal resolves this by analyzing your articles and basic pages as you write. Therefore, you can make necessary changes in real-time to ensure your content has good SEO and Read More >

How to Contact Drupal Developers

Being told by technical support that “you’ll need to contact a Drupal developer” for issues with a PHP-based content management system (CMS) rarely feels satisfying. Enlisting a third party web developer/designer for assistance means more work and research. You need to find a developer with some important traits: Competent enough to understand your issue Skilled Read More >