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About Drupal

Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It’s built, used, and supported by an active and diverse community of  over 600,000 people from around the world. Drupal has been designed with modularity and ease of use in mind. —

Installing Drupal

The first step in getting started with Drupal is to install the software. You can easily install Drupal using Fantastico. Please see the following like for more help with Drupal installation and Fantastico:

How to install Drupal using Fantastico

Please note that Fantastico is a third party application and may contain previous versions of Drupal which may not be the most current. If you would like to install the most current version of Drupal we have an article on “Manually installing the latest version of Drupal 7

Using Drupal

We currently have quite a few Drupal tutorials available on our support center. Click on the link to view all of our available articles on Drupal 7. If you want a few articles that we recommend you start with, see the links below:

Further Drupal Documentation

Besides The Drupal Cookbook (for beginners), Drupal provides much more documentation for using the software, which you can find via the following link:

Drupal Documentation

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