How a WebPro can Purchase Product for a Client

The WebPro can purchase a product for a client in the WebPro Administrator Dashboard. You can also select a product and send the cart to a client via email to approve. Once given permission by a client, a WebPro can purchase subscriptions for a client as needed. Follow the steps below to learn how to Read More >

How to Send Shopping Links to a WebPro Client

The WebPro interface allows a website administrator/designer/owner to have full access to a client account. This means that they can control the subscriptions purchased as well as access billing on the account. A WebPro can select the product and then email shopping links to the client for approval. Follow the steps below and you will Read More >

How to use Single Sign-On for WordPress through WebPro

If you’re a website manager or developer working with many accounts, then you know the frustration of having to deal with multiple usernames/password combinations. We’ve developed a Single Sign-On (SSO) function enabling you to access your WordPress website directly from the WebPro interface. Looking for a new home for your WordPress site? Look no further Read More >

How to Access the WebPro Dashboard

As a WebPro, you can be granted shared access to manage client’s Account Management Panel (AMP) as you would your own account. This allows you both to maintain security for your individual account without using shared login credentials. Below we’ll cover how to access the clients account from your WebPro Dashboard. Access WebPro Dashboard Log Read More >

WebPro Single Sign-on

We understand the frustration of having to remember so many usernames/password combinations. BoldGrid normally requires separate login credentials. But we’ve developed a Single Sign-On (SSO) function enabling you to access your WordPress for Small Business website directly from your Account Management Panel (AMP) login. How to Use Single Sign-On (SSO) Log into AMP – Read More >

Unlinking from Your WebPro Through the Client Interface

If your InMotion Hosting Account no longer requires WebPro Access or if you have decided that you simply wish to terminate the WebPro connection to your site, you are able to easily unlink accounts within the Account Management Panel (AMP) interface. Follow the steps below to unlink WebPro from your account. How to Unlink your Read More >

Connecting to Your WebPro (Client)

If you are an InMotion Hosting customer and you want to work with a WebPro, or if you’re contacted by one, your approval process is very simple. First, though, why would you use a WebPro? And why give a WebPro access to your account? WebPros are managers and developers who manage or work on your Read More >

How to Unlink Accounts in the WebPro Admin

Occasionally, there may be a time when you must unlink an account from your WebPro dashboard. This is a simple task and only requires that you be able to login to your dashboard. Follow the steps below to unlink a client from your WebPro Admin account. Unlinking Accounts in the WebPro Administrator Dashboard Login to Read More >

How to use Single Sign-on in the WebPro Administrator

One of the biggest advantages of having a WebPro account is the speed with which you can access accounts using Single Sign-on. You can use this feature to access cPanel or WHM. Follow the steps below to learn how to use the Single Sign-on feature. Accessing the cPanel/WHM using Single Sign-on in the WebPro Admin Read More >

Viewing your Pending and Linked Accounts in WebPro

The WebPro dashboard provides you a view of your pending and linked accounts. We’ll show you how to view these accounts in the steps below. How to View Pending and linked Accounts in the WebPro Administrator Dashboard Login to your Account Management Panel (AMP). If your account does not default to the WebPro Dashboard, then Read More >

Linking clients to your WebPro Account

One of the main tasks you will need to accomplish when you activate a WebPro Admin account is the task of linking accounts. Only by linking accounts will you be able to take advantage of being a WebPro. Follow the instructions below to link client accounts to your WebPro Administrator dashboard. How to Link Client Read More >

How to set up your WebPro Master Contact Information Card

As a WebPro you will want to provide information to your clients so that they can reach you as needed. This information will appear in their Account Management Panel (AMP) interface like this:   Follow the steps below in order to learn how to set up your WebPro Master Contact Information Card. Setting Up Your Read More >

Getting started as a WebPro Admin

So, you’ve confirmed that you are a WebPro and you have subscribed as a WebPro admin with the InMotion Hosting Customer Service team. What are your next steps? What do you need to know to get started? We will walk you through what you’re expected to see and the options that you have with an Read More >

Introduction to WebPro

Web Professionals are busy people, and we get that. The WebPro Dashboard provides a clear solution to manage your client accounts through the Account Management Panel (AMP), providing more efficiency to the daily workflows of agencies and designers. This introduction to WebPro helps you get familiar with the basics. Before we discuss the specific features Read More >