How to Access the WebPro Dashboard

As a WebPro, you can be granted shared access to manage client’s Account Management Panel (AMP) as you would your own account. This allows you both to maintain security for your individual account without using shared login credentials. Below we’ll cover how to access the clients account from your WebPro Dashboard.

Access WebPro Dashboard

  1. Log into AMP.
  2. Click the WebPro Dashboard icon under Manage My Account.
  3. Click Access Account on a linked account.
    After accessing a client’s account, you’ll see a top banner stating Accessing domain‘s Account.

Access Levels

WebPro clients can specify one of the following access levels for linked WebPro administrators:

Full Access includes technical, billing, and domain management features for all subscriptions. However, Admins can NOT edit your AMP login credentials, ensuring you alone can edit shared access.
Technical Access includes non-billing functions for specific hosting products – e.g. cPanel, WHM, Website Creator Single Sign-On (SSOand WordPress Single Sign-on.

Domain ManagementComing Soon – includes non-billing access to domain functions – nameservers, glue records, and toggling domain privacy.

Billing ManagementComing Soon – includes AMP billing functions: renew subscriptions, edit credit card info, and purchase product addons such as Backup Manager and SSL Certificates.

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