How to Reset Your Admin Password in CMSimple

CMSimple, not to be confused with CMS Made Simple, is a databaseless CMS (like Grav). This is a way to reduce the possibility of hacks against your domain name. But CMSimple uses HTML/CSS and an text/visual editor style familiar to WordPress users.

If you install CMSimple manually or forget your password, you’ll need to edit your config.php file to reset it. Below we cover how to reset your CMSimple admin password..

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Reset CMSimple Password

  1. Edit the CMSimple config.php file using cPanel File Manager or FTP.
  2. Replace the line including $cf[‘security’][‘password’]=” with$cf['security']['password']="\$P\$BxAqSVtvibGUSTyiCouFJZ5RKzmZn81";
  3. Login (or click Login at the bottom-right) with the password test – no user.
  4. Click the CMS link in the warning to reset your CMS link to update password
  5. Type a new password and click Save. It’ll update and state Datafile saved.change CMSimple password

Learn more about CMSimple in our Support Center with more articles coming soon.

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