How to Use Monarx Security’s “Detect” Mode

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In this article we will focus on how to access the Monarx Dashboard to monitor your server’s security, and how to understand the results you have access to with “Detect” mode.

Topics include:

Accessing Monarx Security via Root WHM

  1. Log into AMP.
  2. Click on Root WHM to log into WebHost Manager as the “root” user.
    WHM Root from AMP Panel
  3. Once logged into WHM, type “Monarx” into the search bar. Click on “Monarx Security” from the results.
    Typing Monarx in WHM Search
  4. Next, you will land on the Monarx dashboard. Navigate between the DASHBOARD and DETAILS tabs to review the results from your Monarx scan.

Understanding the Monarx Scan Results

No Compromised Files Detected

  1. If you see “0 users are infected on” message within the DASHBOARD tab, then your server is currently free of malware.  This is a Preview of what your dashboard could look like:
    Monarx Security Zero Users are Infected Dashboard
  2. If you see “Your server is free of malware!” within the DETAILS tab, then your server is currently free of malware.
    Monarx Security Your Server is Free of Malware Dashboard

Compromised Files Detected

  1. Below is a preview of your dashboard if compromised files are detected. From this view you are informed of the number of users that are infected and shown a preview of the username(s).Monarx Security Compromised Files Detected Dashboard
  2. Within the DETAILS tab, Monarx Security will show a preview for an infected user and the detected malware types.
    Monarx Security Infected Users and Files Details

Proactive Protection

Safeguarding your web server and site is critical due to the constant emergence of new threats. Malware and vulnerabilities can drastically impact your business’s credibility and safety online. You can have your developer or site administrator perform a file scan or implement your chosen security solution. In addition to the “Detect” option, InMotion Hosting’s Monarx Security provides a proactive solution. With “Protect” mode, Monarx promptly detects, isolates, and cleans your site to prevent any harm, all without requiring human intervention.

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