Enable Zend Optimizer or Zend Guard

In this article, I’ll show you about Zend Guard and Zend Optimizer for PHP, which is currently one of the most widely accepted PHP encoding and obfuscation, and PHP performance-enhancing products out there. What is Zend Optimizer? The Zend Optimizer is a free runtime you can use with files encoded by Zend Guard, it can Read More >

Installing Zend OpCache

This tutorial will quickly explain how to install Zend OpCache on your dedicated server. This guide requires you to be logged into your server with the root user, and the PHP version to be 5.5 or newer. Note: You must have root access to your server to complete this guide. InMotion allows root access on Read More >

Installing Zend Framework

An Introduction to Zend Framework Zend Framework is a free open-source object oriented web application framework for PHP 5. The Zend Framework provides an advanced Model-View-Controller (MVC) implementation that is designed to help you establish a basic structure for your Zend Framework applications. Zend Framework is often referred to as a “component library” since it Read More >