Joomla 4 Privacy Info Requests

Joomla 4 privacy info requests allow administrators and users an organized method to export and remove user personal identifiable information (PII). These Joomla 4 features Read More >

Joomla! 4.0 Smart Search

Smart Search is an improved component of Joomla 4.0.  Joomla 3.x included both search and Smart Search, but as of version 4.0, only Smart Search Read More >

Joomla 4 Vote Plugin

The Joomla Vote plugin allows users to rate your content on a scale of one to five stars. This can encourage readers to read more Read More >

Joomla 4 Log Settings

Joomla 4 logs can be an essential tool when you are troubleshooting website issues. It can provide detailed information about what is happening to your Read More >

How to Update Joomla 4

It is recommended to always update Joomla 4 to the latest version. This ensures that your site has the most recent Joomla features and security Read More >

Important Joomla 4.0 Update

There was an important notice provided by Joomla that affects new Joomla 4.0 installations.  They produced an update that will affect anyone updating from version Read More >

Getting Started


Advanced Tasks

Creating Joomla 4 Redirects

Creating URL redirects for dead links is one the easiest methods for improving Joomla search engine optimization (SEO) in larger websites. This Joomla 4 SEO Read More >

Securitycheck Joomla Security Plugin

The Securitycheck Joomla security plugin offers various ways to secure your website including: File scans IP whitelists/blacklists Joomla vulnerability monitoring Custom administrator login URL Akeeba Read More >