Joomla! 4.0 Smart Search Options

The Joomla 4.0 Smart Search Options include 20 items that can be changed or added to control how the search function operates. These options provide control over how search results are displayed, filtered, and sorted. They also provide the option to enable or disable many of the Joomla 4.0 Smart Search features. This article will Read More >

Joomla! 4.0 Smart Search

Smart Search is an improved component of Joomla 4.0.  Joomla 3.x included both search and Smart Search, but as of version 4.0, only Smart Search remains as part of the default install.  Joomla 4.0 Smart Search uses article content, tags, contacts, indexing, and filters as some of the features to aid users in searching content Read More >

Add Social Media Buttons to Joomla 4

JL Like is a free plugin that makes it easy to add social media buttons to Joomla 4 and customize them to suit your site’s theme better. Doing so can encourage readers to introduce your content across various social networks, creating backlinks for search engine optimization (SEO) in the process. The Joomla social media extension Read More >

Starting a Joomla 4 eCommerce Store With HikaShop

Joomla Hosting is a versatile platform for starting an online store and the HikaShop extension is a popular and well-reviewed way to add this ability. Once installed you can easily set up digital or shippable products and begin selling them from your website This guide will help you start a Joomla 4 eCommerce store using Read More >

Joomla 4 Vote Plugin

The Joomla Vote plugin allows users to rate your content on a scale of one to five stars. This can encourage readers to read more of your content after seeing a good rating with high numbers of votes as social proof. This is a small but effective method to supplement “likes” displayed by social media Read More >

How to Contact Joomla Developers for Support

Many times undoing some recent actions can resolve website issues. Unfortunately, some bugs can’t be fixed without manually editing PHP code or database tables. This may be the point where you need to seek a Joomla developer’s assistance. You can always contact our 24/7 live technical support for free assistance. But you need to keep Read More >

EmbedChessboard Joomla Plugin

Do you ever need a way to show a series of chess moves in your blog? EmbedChessboard allows you to embed chess games on websites with the Portable Game Notation (PGN) format, easy to comprehend for novice and grandmaster level players alike. Using EmbedChessboard  Follow the “Download” link at As of September 2021 you’ll Read More >

The Joomla 4 JCE Extension

The Joomla 4 JCE brings the Joomla Content Editor — one of Joomla’s most popular extensions — into Joomla 4. The JCE expands Joomla’s default content editor to unlock advanced word processing functionality in the editor. Read on to learn how to get it up and running. This process will work great on Joomla VPS Read More >

Badges with BootStrap 5.0 in Joomla 4.0

Badges are a way to add a little bit of emphasis to your text content. You can easily use them wherever you have text in your Joomla content. This article will briefly show you how to use badges through Bootstrap 5.0 in your Joomla 4.0 content. What is Bootstrap?  Bootstrap is an HTML, CSS, and Read More >