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Joomla 4 was recently released. If you’re like us, then you probably spent a lot of time exploring the latest extensions included with Joomla 4, playing around with them to see what’s new and what’s different.

The thing is, it’s never a good idea to leave a bunch of extensions installed that you aren’t using! Even the best of extensions can cause problems if they conflict with other extensions, or if the developer stops updating them. Prevent any problems by uninstalling extensions you do not need anymore.

Things to Keep in Mind when Removing Joomla 4 Extensions

There are numerous extension types in Joomla. Extensions vary in functionality — for example Components add extra functionality and programming to your site, while Templates will affect appearance and presentation. Any type of extension can be uninstalled with this method.

That said, be careful! Uninstalling an extension will permanently delete the extension files. You should be absolutely sure that you want to completely remove an extension before you uninstall it.

It can be a good idea to first Disable the extensions you plan to uninstall and check your site to make sure nothing unexpected happens! Just follow the steps below, but choose Disable instead of Uninstall.

Joomla 4 Remove Extension

We’ll be uninstalling the Smart Slider extension as an example, but the procedure should work similarly for any extension.

  1. Login to your Joomla Dashboard.
  2. Click on System in the left-side menu.
    Joomla 4 system in menu
  3. Under Manage, click on Extensions.
    Joomla 4 Click Extension
  4. Use the Search box to narrow down the results to the extension or extensions you are looking for. Many components or modules will actually include multiple extensions, so you may need to uninstall a few at once as seen here.
    Joomla 4 Select Extensions to Uninstall
  5. Check the boxes next to all of the extensions you wish to uninstall and click the Uninstall button above.
  6. Confirm that you want to uninstall the extensions, completely deleting them.
    Joomla 4 Uninstall Confirm
  7. You will see a confirmation screen, confirming that the extensions have been uninstalled.
    Joomla 4 uninstall successful
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