Important Joomla 4.0 Update

There was an important notice provided by Joomla that affects new Joomla 4.0 installations.  They produced an update that will affect anyone updating from version 4.04.  

Not making these changes will result in a failure for updates beyond version 4.04. 

If you are using only the core files, then the change will not apply to you.  These changes were made in order to modernize the updating of Joomla from version 4.04 and going forward.

The changes will require a change to the .htaccess file.

  1. Log into the cPanel and then go to the File Manager.
  2. Go to your Joomla’s site files and look for the .htaccess file. You will be looking for the following line:
RewriteRule ^administrator/components/com_joomlaupdate/restore\.php$ - [L]
  1. If you’re working with an earlier version of Joomla (from version 2.51 – 4.0.3), then you should be changing it to this code:
RewriteRule ^administrator\/components\/com_joomlaupdate\/restore\.php$ - [L]
  1. If you’re working with Joomla 4.04 then you should use the following code:
RewriteRule ^administrator\/components\/com_joomlaupdate\/extract\.php$ - [L]

For additional information please refer to the following:

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