Problems Sending Email, Receiving is Fine

If you are unable to send email, but can receive you should first verify that you have your email client configured properly. Below are the SMTP SSL and Non SSL settings. you should use one of the following: SMTP Settings Non SSL Settings SSL Settings Incoming Server: Outgoing Server: Username: Your full e-mail Read More >

Advanced Options for the Configuration of the Ultrastack Cache

Configuring the Ultrastack cache includes many options that are normally considered advanced. The advanced options for the cache are accessed through a link at the bottom of the Cache Manager page. The options available with the advanced section let you fine-tune how NGINX caching works. Follow the steps below to learn about these options and Read More >

How to Configure the Basic Cache Options for Ultrastack Using the cPanel Cache Manager

cPanel includes a Cache Manager tool with all Ultrastack-configured installations. You can use the tool to configure the cache. We will cover the basic options that you can select in this article. Find the Options for Configuring the Cache Configure the Cache Need a new home for your WordPress website? Check out InMotion’s WordPress Hosting Read More >

Ways to Contact WordPress Developers

TL/DR: Plugin/Theme developer, WordPress Slack, IRC channels, our Community Support Center, and Web Design Services We get it. Customers don’t want to be told to “contact a developer” when there’s a coding issue. You may not want to hire a web designer because you trust yourself more than someone with positive ratings on Fiverr or Read More >

An In-Depth Look at wp-config.php

Date: 1/9/2020          3 Minutes 20 Seconds to Read Troubleshooting a WordPress site often requires you to edit the wp-config.php file. If you’ve only worked with the WordPress dashboard, editing code can be a bit intimidating. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems! All you need is to understand the structure of the wp-config.php file. Then, Read More >

How to Add Hosts to Your Ansible Inventory

Every server you manage with Ansible needs to be added to your Inventory.yml file. Your Ansible inventory organizes these remote hosts into groups for easier configuration within your playbooks. Below we cover how to add hosts to your Ansible inventory, sample groups, and testing an inventory connection. Manage your Ansible inventory with our reliable Cloud Read More >

What To Do After Your Website Launches

January 3, 2020   2:47 Minutes To Read After weeks of development and revisions, your website is finally launched and ready for the world to see! But what’s next? Even though your website is live, your work is not finished. You should be monitoring and updating your website for search engine optimization, ease of use, Read More >

How to Embed Audio

Date: January 3, 2020          1 Minute to Read Podcasters and musicians looking for an alternative to Soundcloud may prefer Below we cover how to embed audio files, called “Clyps” into your content management system (CMS) or other website using HTML. Only public Clyps can be embedded. Embed Clyp Go to the page Read More >