Using the Plus Addons for Gutenberg

The Plus Addons for Gutenberg is a WordPress plugin that extends the capabilities of the visual editor integrated into WordPress since version 5.0.  The Plus Addons for Gutenberg plugin provides blocks that make it easy to add content and different types of functional elements to a post or page. It also provides detailed control over Read More >

Manage Podcasts and Episodes with Google Podcasts Manager

Google Podcasts Manager is similar to Google Analytics but built specifically to help podcasters better understand their listeners. With this free tool, you can collect data about the traffic patterns, devices, and demographics of podcast listeners. Understanding your subscribers is an important step when targeting your marketing efforts, especially if you are spending money on Read More >

Wootomation: WooCommerce AI Plugin

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help you understand the popular shopping habits of your eCommerce customers. Then, automatically use that data to offer related products and drive additional sales. Learn how to use the WooCommerce AI plugin known as Wootomation to increase sales with machine learning. For example, if your customers often purchase several products together such Read More >

How to Use wpDiscuz

By default, WordPress includes the ability for visitors to comment on pages and posts. This basic interaction can be expanded to increase engagements using 3rd party tools. Learn how to increase the effectiveness of the comment section of your WordPress site with the wpDiscuz plugin.  Some of the features this will add is the ability Read More >

How to Login to cPanel

cPanel is a great tool for managing your websites, but only if you can actually access it! This tutorial discusses the multiple ways to login to cPanel: via AMP and via multiple direct login URLs. We’ll also cover common reasons why you may have trouble logging in. Access cPanel from within AMP Login to cPanel Read More >