Beginner’s Guide to BoldGrid

Even the most tech-savvy people can find it a challenge to maintain their business website. Many websites are built with WordPress, and the content management system (CMS) goes a long way in helping people get their site up and running with relative ease. But it’s not always intuitive, and making changes to the settings without Read More >

How to Use the BoldGrid Website Builder

The BoldGrid Website Builder helps you take your WordPress site to the next level. You can  easily change the look and style of your website with the visual drag and drop editor. Quickly add engaging content ideas for your specific industry to draw more visitors and engagement. There’s no need to know website coding, but Read More >

High-Performance Order Storage on WooCommerce

In late 2022, WooCommerce introduced plans to optimize the performance of WooCommerce Core by focusing on Orders and ways to efficiently manage Order data. Originally dubbed the Custom Order Tables project, it has since been renamed to High-Performance Order Storage, or HPOS. With the release of WooCommerce 7.1, an option was introduced that allowed users Read More >

Major Changes in Magento 2.4.6 – Great News!

Please note this is a “work in progress” article as there are many changes that we are evaluating and understand their impacts. However, this is great news so we want to share this. PHP 7.4 Support is Gone – Go to PHP 8+ PHP 8 came with many improvements but not all major php-based systems, Read More >

Seven Major Changes in WordPress 6.2

WordPress 6.2 “Dolphy” is an important release version that includes over 900 changes to the software. The major changes focus on integrating visual editing into the front end of the WordPress interface. These improvements involve the menus, templates, site editor, media, and style options. They benefit the user by providing a more functional interface and Read More >

The Ultimate Guide for Migrating WordPress Websites

If you own a WordPress website, chances are that you will have to move it from one host to another at some time during its lifetime. You could be moving to a new host for a variety of reasons. Better performance is usually a driver for this type of change. Moving a website from a Read More >

How to Use Memcached as a Persistent Object Cache in WordPress

A common site health message WordPress displays for users is the recommendation to use a persistent object cache. There are generally two common solutions to this issue: Redis or Memcached. This article will guide you in using Memcached to provide the caching solution that WordPress is recommending. We will walk you through its installation and Read More >

miniOrange’s Google Authenticator – WordPress Two Factor Authentication

miniOrange is a security-focused development company that has created a feature-rich two-factor authentication plugin for WordPress called the miniOrange Google Authenticator.  Their plugin provides a solution that is quick and easy to implement while providing features that set it apart from its competition. Two-factor authentication is used to secure logins to a website.  It helps Read More >