How to Change the Header Image in WordPress

How to Change or Add Header Images in a WordPress Theme Modern WordPress themes have the capability to edit the header, footer and other theme areas within the Appearance section of the WordPress dashboard. This article will explain how to change the banner in the header of your WordPress site. Some WordPress themes may not Read More >

DNS and Nameserver Changes

Nameservers for Shared, VPS, & Dedicated Accounts (not Resellers) Nameservers for Resellers (Not Shared, VPS or Dedicated Accounts) Changing Nameservers at Other Registrars To get your domain working on your server with InMotion Hosting, you will need to point your domain to our server. You can point your domain Using a DNS change or you Read More >

Swift Control Plugin — Easy WordPress Editing For The Beginner

If you’re new to WordPress or create websites for less technical clients, you know that the WordPress dashboard can be overwhelming to new users. For a WordPress beginner to successfully maintain their website, they only really need to be aware of a couple of actions/settings. The Swift Control plugin allows you to edit the website Read More >

WooCommerce B2B Plugin — A Powerful Wholesale Solution

Depending on your needs, establishing wholesale functionality on your WordPress website can quickly become complicated. Cobbling together plugins and code to satisfy your needs often ends in frustration and you begrudgingly simplifying your wholesale functionality to just something that works.  In this article: WooCommerce B2B Features Installing WooCommerce B2B Luckily, your days of scaling back Read More >

How to Use the MultiPHP INI Editor in cPanel

cPanel’s MultiPHP INI Editor lets you make configuration changes to your PHP settings. This complements the MultiPHP Manager, which lets you change PHP version of your sites. The MultiPHP INI Editor has two modes, Basic and Editor. Basic Mode Basic Mode allows changes to some of the most common PHP configuration changes with the ease Read More >