How to Configure the ownCloud Gallery App

ownCloud users don’t need another PHP-based content management system (CMS) or external application to easily sift through hundreds of photos and graphics. The ownCloud Gallery app allows you to easily view multiple images at once. The feature set eases the task of finding the right image as quickly as possible in galleries and slideshows. Using Read More >

InMotion Hosting and Supermicro Success Story. A small footprint, cost-efficient on-demand OpenStack Private Cloud.

Supermicro recently published a success story describing how InMotion Hosting built an on-demand private cloud solution on Supermicro hardware. The high density and resulting cost efficiencies offered by Supermicro MicroBlade servers enabled the successful implementation of OpenStack as a Service concept for InMotion Hosting’s Flex Metal Cloud product. Traditionally OpenStack has been used to power Read More >

ownCloud Music Player

The ownCloud Music player app lets you access your music collection and favorite internet radio stations anywhere with an internet connection. There are many reasons you might benefit from an ownCloud audio player: Podcast hosting Organize audio files and metadata for a website Privately share music stems with other musicians or audio professionals The music Read More >

ownCloud Brute-Force Protection

The ownCloud Brute-Force Protection app for login attempts can thwart many ownCloud security issues. The app helps protect against brute force attacks, including dictionary attacks, by banning IPv4 addresses after a set amount of incorrect unsuccessful user login attempts. Install the ownCloud Brute-Force Protection App Improve ownCloud Security Install the ownCloud Brute-Force Protection App Below Read More >

ownCloud Antivirus with ClamAV

Strong passwords protect your ownCloud server against unauthorized users. An aggressive ownCloud antivirus solution prevents authorized users from uploading malicious files. The free Anti-Virus app integrates ownCloud with ClamAV, a popular Linux antivirus application, on the same server or an external system. Install the ownCloud Antivirus App Prepare ClamAV Configure ownCloud Anti-Virus ClamAV on the Read More >

How to Add a Password Policy in ownCloud

A strong password policy in ownCloud ensures all users do their part in thwarting password-based cyber attacks. These features aren’t included by default. However, there is a free add-on app for enforcing a strong password policy in ownCloud. It won’t resolve all ownCloud security issues, but it is a good start. Install the ownCloud Password Read More >