Changing your PHP Version in cPanel

The latest versions of cPanel make it easy to choose what version of PHP your site is using. With just a few clicks, you can switch between different versions and even use different versions across sites in the same cPanel. This is especially helpful when upgrading older sites, troubleshooting, or dealing with third-party applications. Let’s Read More >

What are the Differences Between WordPress Themes and WooCommerce Themes?

WooCommerce is designed to work well within whichever WordPress theme you are already using, but dedicated WooCommerce themes offer options and styles created specifically for WooCommerce stores. The recommended default theme for WooCommerce is called Storefront, but you may want to try out different themes to see which you like best for your WordPress website. Read More >

Gutenberg 8.6 (Plugin) Update

This is a short summary of the Gutenberg 8.6 update. The latest changes include a Cover block with added video position controls and Block pattern updates. This article will display and describe these added changes. In order to use the latest version of Gutenberg, you need to download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin repository. Read More >