Release Update: Platform i v3.0.32

January 15, 2024 – Platform InMotion v3.0.32 has been released! This is a very large release, with several new features and enhancements to help improve your experience using the platform. New Features The newest features we have added are designed to improve the your experience and convenience using Platform i. Highlights include the ability to Read More >

Migrating Your WordPress Site to Platform i Manually with rsync

For large or busy websites, a manual transfer is the most reliable way to ensure that your migration is successful. In this guide, we’ll focus on using the command line, using the rsync protocol. Remote synchronization using rsync has a few major advantages including the ability to easily resume interrupted transfers, and quickly re-sync any Read More >

Starting From Scratch with your UltraStack VPS

When you’re getting started with your new UltraStack VPS on Platform InMotion, you have three options to begin with: If you’re not planning to move a site from another hosting provider to your new VPS, the best option is to start from Scratch. What is “Starting from Scratch?” When you start from scratch, you’ll begin Read More >

How to Upgrade or Downgrade your Platform i VPS

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your Platform i Server depending on your budget and performance requirements. Upgrade for more Disk Space, RAM, or CPU cores easily directly from your Project menu. How to Resize your Server How is my Billing Affected by Upgrading or Downgrading my Server? For your initial purchase, you’ll be charged Read More >

Using the Site URL Tool in Platform InMotion

When you’re ready to change the URL of your WordPress website on Platform i, the Site URL tool makes it easy. All of the different tasks that are normally required, like setting up an SSL and replacing entries in the database, are performed automatically by the tool. What Does the Site URL Tool Do? When Read More >

Migrating WordPress Manually to Platform InMotion

When you’re getting started with your new UltraStack WordPress VPS on Platform InMotion, you have three options to begin with: Migrating Manually is the most reliable way to get your website transferred to Platform InMotion. Use this option, and Platform InMotion will install a fresh copy of WordPress on your VPS, and you’ll be able Read More >

Migrating WordPress Automatically to Platform InMotion

When you’re getting started with your new UltraStack VPS on Platform InMotion, you have three options to begin with: Migrating Automatically is the easiest way to get started. Simply enter your website’s URL, and Admin Username and Password, and Platform InMotion will log into your site, install a few plugins, create a full backup of Read More >

Getting Started with UltraStack VPS

The Managed WordPress UltraStack VPS is the production environment for your WordPress website. It’s been fine-tuned for performance and lean speed. We’ve removed all the bloatware that traditional managed VPS environments may have – there’s no control panel software or no email server – only the services you need for a screaming fast website.  In Read More >

How to Use SSH to Access Your UltraStack WordPress VPS

When you are running a website or server, SSH can save you time by allowing you to directly view, manage, and edit files from the command line interface (CLI). In this guide, we will show you how to use SSH with your UltraStack WordPress VPS hosted with Platform i. Note: We also recommend our full Read More >

How to Enable & Configure Redis Persistent Object Cache for WordPress

Some Platform i accounts include Redis, which gives you the ability to store persistent object cache in the server’s memory. This can help serve your site assets up faster resulting in better performance. There are several popular plugins available for enabling Redis in WordPress and managing your site cache. This guide will explain how to Read More >

Managing WordPress Website Backups with Platform i

Platform InMotion includes tools for easily backing up or restoring your WordPress sites. This can be critical in cases where a catastrophic event happens since it will allow you to restore your site to a previous working state. Backups can also be used to migrate your site to another location. In this guide, we’ll show Read More >

How to Fix a Connection Error in Platform InMotion

Platform InMotion connects to your WordPress site to perform actions like automatically logging in, managing plugins and themes, and keeping track of your Total Upkeep backups. The platform includes an automatic troubleshooting system to explain and attempt to repair these errors for you. In this guide, you’ll learn some common reasons that your site may Read More >

How to Register & Manage a Domain in Platform InMotion

Along with building websites, you can purchase domains and manage your DNS records directly from Platform i. This can help you save time by providing one interface for building websites and managing domains. In this article, we will show you how to register and manage domains with Platform i. How to Register a New Domain Read More >

How to Use Email with Platform InMotion

After purchasing and configuring email with Platform i, you will gain access to the email management tool powered by cPanel. From there you can check/send email and perform other email-related tasks such as setting up forwarders, autoresponders, or spam filters. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use the email service with Platform i. Read More >

How to Manage DNS Records in Platform InMotion

This guide will show you how to edit or add DNS records with Platform i. After registering a new domain or adding an existing domain, you will have the ability to add or edit their DNS records. Keep in mind that modifications are typically only needed in specific situations, such as when your email is Read More >

How to Add an Existing Domain in Platform InMotion

Before you can manage DNS for a domain from Platform i, the first step is adding it to your account. This guide will show you how to add a domain to Platform i that is not registered here. Add an External Domain Name If you have a domain that is already registered, you can add Read More >

How to Purchase & Configure Email Subscriptions

In this guide, we’ll show you how to purchase and configure a new email subscription in Platform i. The emails section is for subscribers to access a cPanel email interface. But, if you are not a subscriber, you will be prompted to purchase a new email subscription for $1.99/month per email address. Once configured, you Read More >

Using the Database & File Manager in Platform i

If you’re an advanced user, you’ll sometimes want to make adjustments to your WordPress site that aren’t possible within the default WordPress dashboard. Platform InMotion’s file manager and database access make it easy to make changes to raw files and database tables by only offering the tools you need to complete advanced tasks. You get Read More >

UltraStack Utilities for Caching in Platform InMotion

Your Platform InMotion production site will have the ability to use NGINX caching on the server, this can result in faster website performance since it does not have to generate content in real-time. You can select from pre-configured profiles that are built for specific types of websites. Then you can set your purge settings using Read More >

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