Migrating From cPanel to InMotion Central

When you are migrating from a hosting account with cPanel to InMotion Central there are multiple ways to get your site and email moved over. In this guide, we will explain the different options to help you decide the best strategy for migrating from a cPanel account to InMotion Central.

Migrating Your Site

There are two ways to migrate your website over to InMotion Central. You can use the migration tool included with InMotion Central, which uses the Total Upkeep plugin, or manually migrate the site over using a third-party plugin–which is a two-step process. Follow along and we’ll discuss these options further.

Option #1 Migrate Site Using InMotion Central

When you create a new project with InMotion Central, you are given the option to “Copy an Existing Site.” This tool utilizes the Total Upkeep plugin to easily migrate your site into a new Cloud VPS instance. The whole process is outlined in the following guide:

Option #2 Manual Site Migration

If you have an existing backup of your site and prefer to perform a manual migration, you can create a new project and then unpack your backup. In step 2 below, we are using the Total Upkeep plugin, but you can use any backup/migration plugin that you prefer.

  1. Create a New WordPress Site Project
  2. Migrate a WordPress Site with Total Upkeep

Migrating Your Email

In order to migrate your email over to your Cloud VPS with InMotion, you must complete a three-step process. The steps will differ depending on the specific email client you are using, such as Outlook, MacMail, or Thunderbird.

  1. Download your email from your old mail server
  2. Connect to your new email account with InMotion Central using IMAP
  3. Copy the downloaded emails to your IMAP INBOX

1. Download Your Email From Your Old Mail Server

The first step is getting a copy of all your email from the old mail server you are using. This is often accomplished using POP protocol, which downloads the email to your specific mail client (such as Outlook, MacMail, or Thunderbird). You will need your email settings to set up the mail client.

Once you have your email settings, you can set up a client such as Outlook, Mac Mail, Windows Live Mail, or Thunderbird.

2. Connect to Your New Email Account With InMotion Central Using IMAP

After downloading a backup of your email to your mail software, you will use the same client to connect to your new email account with InMotion Central. It is important to use the IMAP protocol since it stores the emails on the server and will allow you to upload them to your INBOX folder. For more information on using email see the following guide:

3. Copy the Downloaded Emails to Your IMAP INBOX

After downloading a backup of your emails and connecting to your new account, the next step is moving them to an IMAP folder. This is typically the INBOX, but you can create an additional IMAP folder that will sync with the server. In most email clients you can select all the emails from your backup folder and then “Copy To” the IMAP folder. The amount of time it takes to migrate the email messages will depend on their size.

For more information, see our full guide on Using Thunderbird to transfer Emails between servers.

Congratulations, now you know how to migrate your website and email from a cPanel account to InMotion Central. Check out our InMotion Central section for more helpful tutorials.

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