How to Upgrade or Downgrade your Platform i VPS

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your Platform i Server depending on your budget and performance requirements. Upgrade for more Disk Space, RAM, or CPU cores easily directly from your Project menu. How to Resize your Server How is my Billing Affected by Upgrading or Downgrading my Server? For your initial purchase, you’ll be charged Read More >

How to Use SSH to Access Your UltraStack WordPress VPS

When you are running a website or server, SSH can save you time by allowing you to directly view, manage, and edit files from the command line interface (CLI). In this guide, we will show you how to use SSH with your UltraStack WordPress VPS hosted with Platform i. Note: We also recommend our full Read More >

How to Enable & Configure Redis Persistent Object Cache for WordPress

Some Platform i accounts include Redis, which gives you the ability to store persistent object cache in the server’s memory. This can help serve your site assets up faster resulting in better performance. There are several popular plugins available for enabling Redis in WordPress and managing your site cache. This guide will explain how to Read More >

UltraStack Utilities for Caching in Platform InMotion

Your Platform InMotion production site will have the ability to use NGINX caching on the server, this can result in faster website performance since it does not have to generate content in real-time. You can select from pre-configured profiles that are built for specific types of websites. Then you can set your purge settings using Read More >

Managing Your Server with Platform InMotion

When you have a live server associated with a project, Platform i makes it easy to manage it. For example, you may want to connect with SSH keys, view your server’s hostname, or stop/restart the server. Once connected via SSH you have full control as the root user to modify your server as needed. This Read More >