Managing WordPress Website Backups with Platform i

Platform InMotion includes tools for easily backing up or restoring your WordPress sites. This can be critical in cases where a catastrophic event happens since it will allow you to restore your site to a previous working state. Backups can also be used to migrate your site to another location. In this guide, we’ll show Read More >

Using the Database & File Manager in Platform i

If you’re an advanced user, you’ll sometimes want to make adjustments to your WordPress site that aren’t possible within the default WordPress dashboard. Platform InMotion’s file manager and database access make it easy to make changes to raw files and database tables by only offering the tools you need to complete advanced tasks. You get Read More >

Using the WordPress Site Health Monitor

Maintaining good site health is a critical step when securing sites, optimizing for search engines, and providing a good user experience to visitors. Platform InMotion’s Managed WordPress Hosting plans include a site health monitor as part of the robust WordPress tool set. It instantly goes through a checklist of performance and security tests on your Read More >

How to Update WordPress with Platform InMotion

With Platform InMotion you can quickly see any out-of-date items within your project at a glance. This can save time when you are managing multiple WordPress websites since you don’t have to login to the individual Dashboard of each site. If updates are available you can follow the link to login automatically and update with Read More >