How to Filter Incoming Emails by Country and Domain in WHM

Managed VPS and Dedicated server hosting administrators can improve email security by blocking incoming email from specified countries, regions, and domains in Web Host Manager (WHM). This is a valuable feature for your defense in depth strategy as it can block malicious emails before reaching any other spam filters in cPanel or the end user’s Read More >

eNom Sub-Retail and Sub-Reseller Accounts

Per eNom, all Sub-Reseller accounts created underneath another Sub-Reseller will be migrated to the parent reseller on June 19, 2020. The creation and management of Sub-Reseller accounts created underneath another Sub-Reseller will no longer be supported. Sub-Reseller accounts will still retain the management options for Sub-Retail accounts. Notification of this action started on May 12, Read More >

How to See your Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage on Shared Servers

The following tutorials will show you how to view your disk space and bandwidth usage for shared server accounts. The information for each website is displayed in the cPanel specific to the account. If you need a breakdown of all of the stats/info in the cPanel, then go to How to find Server Specifications in Read More >

Understanding WordPress Categories and Tags

Blogging is an important part of building your online presence. However, in addition to your actual blog content, the structure of your blog is equally important. Through the use of WordPress categories and tags, you can organize your blog to optimize your end-user experience and SEO efforts. But are WordPress categories and tags? Continuing reading Read More >

Getting Started With ImunifyAV cPanel Plugin

ImunifyAV FREE has a malware scanner for cPanel servers. Similar to the ClamAV cPanel plugin, which has less features than it’s command line interface (CLI), ImunifyAV allows Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel users on Managed VPS / Dedicated servers to scan files and manage found malware. But ImunifyAV FREE includes more features: Automatic background Read More >

Mastering Your WordPress Site Structure

You already know that the design of your WordPress website is very important. Countless articles tell you that your website must be visually engaging, encouraging visitors to come back regularly. However, to truly increase your audience retention, your website must have a good site structure.  Mastering your WordPress site structure is key. A good site Read More >