Release Update: Platform i v3.0.32

January 15, 2024 – Platform InMotion v3.0.32 has been released! This is a very large release, with several new features and enhancements to help improve your experience using the platform. New Features The newest features we have added are designed to improve the your experience and convenience using Platform i. Highlights include the ability to Read More >

How To Manage SSH Keys for Your Server

This guide will show you how to manage SSH keys on your non-cPanel Cloud VPS or Bare Metal Dedicated Server. SSH keys allow you to securely connect to your server via SSH (Secure Socket Shell). First, we will show you how to add your public SSH key and then remove an SSH key for a Read More >

Migrating Your WordPress Site to Platform i Manually with rsync

For large or busy websites, a manual transfer is the most reliable way to ensure that your migration is successful. In this guide, we’ll focus on using the command line, using the rsync protocol. Remote synchronization using rsync has a few major advantages including the ability to easily resume interrupted transfers, and quickly re-sync any Read More >

Starting From Scratch with your UltraStack VPS

When you’re getting started with your new UltraStack VPS on Platform InMotion, you have three options to begin with: If you’re not planning to move a site from another hosting provider to your new VPS, the best option is to start from Scratch. What is “Starting from Scratch?” When you start from scratch, you’ll begin Read More >

How to Upgrade or Downgrade your Platform i VPS

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your Platform i Server depending on your budget and performance requirements. Upgrade for more Disk Space, RAM, or CPU cores easily directly from your Project menu. How to Resize your Server How is my Billing Affected by Upgrading or Downgrading my Server? For your initial purchase, you’ll be charged Read More >

How to Add a Modpack to your Minecraft Server

While Setting up a Modpack on your Minecraft Server Hosting plan can sound like quite the task, it is actually quite simple. Whether you are looking to spice up your gameplay or try out something new, modpacks can give an entirely different experience depending on the modpack you go with. This guide will cover step-by-step Read More >

How to start your Minecraft Server with a Custom JAR

There are a lot of different ways you can customize your Minecraft Server Hosting plan. Before you can do that you will need to know how to start your server from Custom JARs in order to be able to use the platforms such as Paper, Forge, Spigot, etc. This guide will cover how to set Read More >

How to Connect to your Minecraft Server

Congratulations, now that you have a Minecraft Server Hosting plan it’s time to get you connected and gaming. This process is quite simple and we’ll be covering it in a few brief steps to get you started. Topics Include: Finding Your Server Address Before we can connect to your Minecraft server, you will first need Read More >

How to Set a Custom World Seed on your Minecraft Server

Have you ever wanted to play on the same world as your favorite content creator or friend, but all you receive when you look into it is a Seed composed of a random line of numbers and letters you don’t know what to do with? This guide will answer that question of how you can Read More >

How to Create a New World on your Minecraft Server

While Deleting or Creating a new world on your Minecraft Server Hosting plan can sound quite daunting, it is sometimes a necessary act, whether it is to start a new world or if you just acquired a server and want to generate a specific world type or seed instead of the one automatically generated with Read More >

Release Update: Introducing Platform InMotion

AUGUST 15, 2023 – Today, we are thrilled to announce the dawn of a new era in managed WordPress hosting with the launch of Platform InMotion.  Platform InMotion is WordPress-as-a-Service that’s designed to revolutionize the way you manage WordPress sites. Create, manage, and deploy websites to high-performance VPS optimized for WordPress in one place. Platform Read More >

Using the Site URL Tool in Platform InMotion

When you’re ready to change the URL of your WordPress website on Platform i, the Site URL tool makes it easy. All of the different tasks that are normally required, like setting up an SSL and replacing entries in the database, are performed automatically by the tool. What Does the Site URL Tool Do? When Read More >

Migrating WordPress Manually to Platform InMotion

When you’re getting started with your new UltraStack WordPress VPS on Platform InMotion, you have three options to begin with: Migrating Manually is the most reliable way to get your website transferred to Platform InMotion. Use this option, and Platform InMotion will install a fresh copy of WordPress on your VPS, and you’ll be able Read More >

Migrating WordPress Automatically to Platform InMotion

When you’re getting started with your new UltraStack VPS on Platform InMotion, you have three options to begin with: Migrating Automatically is the easiest way to get started. Simply enter your website’s URL, and Admin Username and Password, and Platform InMotion will log into your site, install a few plugins, create a full backup of Read More >

Platform i: BETA Release

APRIL 11, 2023 – We are excited to announce the BETA Launch of Platform i for Managed WordPress Hosting! Introducing Platform i BETA InMotion Hosting has launched new WordPress hosting plans and a website management platform called Platform i. With Platform i, users can manage, stage, and deploy websites to a high-performance VPS optimized for Read More >

Getting Started with UltraStack VPS

The Managed WordPress UltraStack VPS is the production environment for your WordPress website. It’s been fine-tuned for performance and lean speed. We’ve removed all the bloatware that traditional managed VPS environments may have – there’s no control panel software or no email server – only the services you need for a screaming fast website.  In Read More >

Minecraft Game Panel – Using Plugins

When running your own Minecraft Server instance, you have the ability to install custom plugins. These plugins can add more functionality to your servers, such as advanced chat (EssentialsX), compatibility (ViaVersion), and moderation tools (LuckPerms), among many other things. For example, if you want more control over user access or to block hacks, you can Read More >

Minecraft Instance Configuration Options

When you are managing your own Minecraft Server instance, you have the ability to customize the game how you want it to run. There are many configuration options that you can access from the Minecraft Game panel. For example, you can select settings such as the difficulty of the game, maximum world size, or log Read More >

Updating AMP in the Game Management Panel

Your Minecraft Server includes a Game Panel that is powered by AMP and any time an update is available it will automatically notify you. It is recommended to perform these updates when possible since they can contain new features and keep your server protected from known bugs.  In this guide, we’ll show you the steps Read More >

Using the Game Management Panel Console

When managing a Minecraft Server, you have the ability to run console commands not only within the game but also in the Game Panel. This can save you time by allowing commands to run without logging into the actual game. Quickly find out information about your server or make changes using Minecraft commands. This guide Read More >