Release Update: Platform i v3.0.32

Banner image with text Platform i Release Update January 2024 updates

January 15, 2024 – Platform InMotion v3.0.32 has been released!

This is a very large release, with several new features and enhancements to help improve your experience using the platform.

New Features

The newest features we have added are designed to improve the your experience and convenience using Platform i.

Highlights include the ability to better control provisioning for Let’s Encrypt SSLs when changing the Site URL.

Also, you now have the ability to purchase 16 new Top Level Domains to use in the platform, including .blog, .shop, .agency and many more.

SSL Certificate Management via Site URL

You’ll now have more control over the Auto SSL certificate applied to your website from the Site URL menu. After applying a new Site URL, you’ll get more information about the SSL currently installed, and will be given the option to enable the certificate. Users may prefer to use another SSL provider like Cloudflare and leave the Let’s Encrypt SSL disabled.

Screenshot of the Site URL tool, featuring a new card with Auto SSL controls.

New Domain TLDs

You can now purchase even more domains directly from Platform i. Unleash your creativity and express your brand’s personality by securing a unique domain name today!

  • .com – $20.74
  • .net – $24.00
  • .biz – $30.00
  • .info – $38.00
  • .org – $21.02
  • .us – $15.20
  • .academy – $60.00
  • .agency – $44.00
  • .app – $32.00
  • .best – $40.00
  • .blog – $10.00
  • .cash – $56.00
  • .cloud – $24.00
  • .design – $80.00
  • .life – $58.00
  • .online – $58.00
  • .shop – $56.00
  • .solutions – $50.00
  • .store – $94.00
  • .xyz – $26.00
  • .wiki – $46.00
  • .world – $60.00

Domain name registration pricing as of January 2024.

Improved Project Overview Screen

Your Project Overview screen has become more useful, displaying your server’s controls, IP address, hostname, WordPress site health information, server Snapshots, and software updates without the need for navigating to other sections of the interface.

All High-Performance Hosting Plans Now Available in European Data Center

We were thrilled when our first European data center opened in 2023. Until now, Performance Tiers 3 and above were available to purchase in Europe. Now, all performance tiers are available in the EU.

Central Connect Plugin Now Available from

In an effort to promote InMotion’s commitment to transparency, open source principals, and the project, the plugin that facilitates the connection between your website and Platform i has now been moved to the Plugins Repository. This transition will be seamless for you, but in the event you ever need to re-install the plugin, you can easily search for it from your WordPress dashboard.

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