Release Update: Introducing Platform InMotion

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AUGUST 15, 2023 – Today, we are thrilled to announce the dawn of a new era in managed WordPress hosting with the launch of Platform InMotion. 

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Platform InMotion is WordPress-as-a-Service that’s designed to revolutionize the way you manage WordPress sites.

Create, manage, and deploy websites to high-performance VPS optimized for WordPress in one place.

Platform InMotion Updates

Over the past months, the team at InMotion Hosting has worked diligently to improve the user experience and usage of the platform, including:

  • Screenshot Functionality for Projects and Environments
  • File and Database Manager access for VPS Environments
  • Ansible Playbooks and Semaphore Stability
  • Reconnection Tools between the Platform and VPS
Boost the performance of your website with Platform i

Upcoming Feature Additions and Improvements

In the next few months, we have some exciting plans to deliver some new features and capabilities for Platform InMotion. The list below is an overview, but not comprehensive as we are always looking for items that have the most impact for the user experience. 

  • Updates to the UltraStack Playbook 
  • VPS Environment Upgrades & Downgrades
  • Improvements to Automated Site Transfers
  • Individualized, customizable Ansible Playbooks
  • And More!

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved Inability to Increase / Decrease Email Subscriptions
  • Resolved Manage Server Actions
  • Resolved Default PHP / Nginx Settings State
  • Resolved Subdomains Creating Individual Zones
  • Resolved Duplicate CNAME Parsing
  • Resolved A Records
  • Resolved Domain Registrations Purchased via Personal Team
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