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APRIL 11, 2023 – We are excited to announce the BETA Launch of Platform i for Managed WordPress Hosting!

Introducing Platform i BETA

InMotion Hosting has launched new WordPress hosting plans and a website management platform called Platform i. With Platform i, users can manage, stage, and deploy websites to a high-performance VPS optimized for WordPress, all from a single dashboard.

Later in the article, we will discuss the new enhancements and modifications introduced in Platform i’s latest update.

All-in-One Dashboard

Platform i is a platform that makes it easy to manage your WordPress sites. Our custom dashboard completely replaces the need for cPanel to manage websites, domains, email, and more. With a few clicks, you can perform essential website management tasks. Install themes and plugins, manage backups, and enable caching.

UltraStack VPS

Our purpose-built servers are designed to deliver fast and reliable WordPress sites. Each fully-isolated VPS boasts 100% dedicated resources and leverages our custom UltraStack infrastructure.

  • Fully-Isolated VPS – Each Platform i plan is hosted on a highly-available, fully-isolated VPS server which provides 100% dedicated resources to customers. 
  • UltraStack Technology – All plans leverage InMotion’s UltraStack infrastructure, composed of NGINX Reverse Proxy, MySQL, PHP-FPM, Redis and PHP.
  • NVMe SSDs – Higher end plans add on to these tools with NVMe SSDs for even faster performance and reliability. 
  • Security – All plans include a free Dedicated IP address and SSL certificate.

WordPress Pre-Installed

No matter which starting point you choose, be it creating a new account in Central, staging your site with Playgrounds, or starting from scratch with a Snap tailored for your business, you can get to work on your WordPress site immediately.

WordPress is at your fingertips at all times to build your dream website.


Playgrounds allow you to create a new WordPress site on demand within a few seconds. You can stage, test, troubleshoot, and even add new features to your website without endangering your live copy.


A Snap is a hand selected bundle of Plugins and a theme to create a website ready to customize within seconds. Create different Snaps for the website you need and save it for similar Projects in the future. 


Teams streamline collaboration by enabling multi-user access and management. You can invite clients, developers, marketing teams, and others to work together on projects.

Manage their permissions for billing, website environments, DNS management, email, and more to ensure everyone has the appropriate access.

Included Plugins 

Platform i plans provide WordPress Plugins that facilitate website management and a marketplace to purchase premium Add-Ons right from your Dashboard. 

As of this update, the following Plugins are available for users:

Improvements Launched on March 1, 2023

We’re always improving this product and adding new features, and we’re always listening to your feedback. We have made several changes and improvements to our latest platform in the past couple of months.

What does this mean for you? Greater efficiency with your workflows and site management in Central.

Simplified Onboarding

We’ve streamlined the checkout page and enhanced our new customer onboarding process, so users can start using their high-performance VPS right away.

Screenshot of our new Simplified Onboarding Screen

Improved Site Management via Projects

We’re making it easier to move around Projects.

Once you’re inside a Project, you’ll see all of your environments on a single screen, starting with your UltraStack VPS.

Screenshot of the Projects tab within Platform i

You can edit your Project and VPS information directly from this page and easily navigate to where you need to be. 

Resilient Site Migrations

We have improved our Automated Website Migration process, and now also offer an option for manual migrations for developers who want full control of their site migration. 

These changes begin with a “Get Started” button when you add a VPS.

This will allow you to set up your environment with the following options:

  • Automated Migration – Our guided wizard uses Total Upkeep to connect to your existing site and migrate your website files and database over to Platform i. Best for small and non-eCommerce websites.
  • Manual Migration – A better fit for larger websites. Use the transfer method of your choosing, such as a plugin or manual approach using SSH and WP-CLI. 
  • Starting from Scratch – No website migration needed. Log into your vanilla WordPress site and build it to your liking.
Screenshot of the different types of Migration options for Platform i Accounts


Faster Server Provisioning

Your newly purchased VPS will be ready for use in as little as 5 minutes, and in some cases even faster!

Additional Enhancements

  • Only users with Manager and Editor privileges are allowed to invite other members to collaborate.
  • Improved DNS Management
  • Users can enable and disable Subscription renewals.
  • Ability to change PHP version and NGINX settings under “Manage Server” for UltraStack VPS.
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