Purchasing an SSL Certificate from eNomCentral

As a Reseller, you will most likely have customers that require SSL certificates for their websites. You can purchase SSL’s from the InMotion Store, then install them for your customers. Resellers also have the option of using FreeSSL certificates with their domains. For more information, please see How to Add FreeSSL Certificates to Reseller Accounts. Read More >

Enable Really Simple SSL with WP-CLI

There are multiple ways to force your WordPress website to use a free or paid SSL certificate (HTTPS) for a secure connection. However, sometimes a WordPress website refuses to display images and instead reports mixed content errors (not to be confused with Self-Signed SSL Certificate Warning) using browser developer tools or web apps like WhyNoPadlock.com. Read More >

How to Allow AutoSSL to Replace Invalid/Expiring Certificates

Now that InMotion Hosting offers Free SSL certificates, you may want to replace your expiring or invalid certificates. WHM (Web Host Manager) has the ability to automatically issue new SSL certificates using the AutoSSL tool. In this tutorial, we will show you how to allow AutoSSL to replace invalid and expiring certificates. **Note: You should Read More >

How to install the Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin

In this guide we’ll show you how to install the Really Simple SSL WordPress plugin. It’s often easier to use such a plugin to force a WordPress site to HTTPS than attempting a .htaccess redirect and manually fixing mixed content errors. This plugin also forces all images to display over a secure connection to negate Read More >