Creating your First WordPress Site with Ansible

A low-cost High-Availability Cloud VPS is one of the best ways to host websites and other web apps. However, deploying the software can be time-consuming depending on your experience level. Luckily, with our included Ansible Control Node and WordPress UltraStack Ansible Playbook, you can deploy a WordPress site with all necessary dependencies easily. In this Read More >

Using Git to Manage your Workflow

“Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency.” Choosing a workflow Part of what has made Git so common is that it is able to support a nearly limitless amount of workflows. From the extreme organizational complexity Read More >

Getting Started with Ansible

Do you find yourself configuring many servers or hosting plans with similar sets of software packages, configuration files, and deploying full software stacks? Although Ansible is the most widely used automation engine, there are a number of configuration and orchestration solutions available. Read through this article to learn about getting started with Ansible. Our Ansible Read More >

Changing File Permissions in cPanel

Each file and directory (folder) in your account has permissions which control who can read, write and execute that file. When files are created, default permissions are assigned. Most users won’t need to change permissions, but there are times when an update, installation, etc. will require a file permissions change. Viewing File Permissions File permissions Read More >