Starting From Scratch with your UltraStack VPS

Hero image with text Starting from Scratch Platform i InMotion Hosting

When you’re getting started with your new UltraStack VPS on Platform InMotion, you have two options to begin with:

If you’re not planning to move a site from another hosting provider to your new VPS, the best option is to start from Scratch.

What is “Starting from Scratch?”

When you start from scratch, you’ll begin with WordPress pre-installed with the latest stable version of WordPress from This will include the latest default theme and default plugins typically included with a fresh installation, including Hello Dolly and Akismet.

How to Start from Scratch on Platform InMotion

  1. Once your new VPS has finished provisioning, you’ll see the Get Started button in your project.
  2. Click on Get Started, and choose Start from Scratch.
    Screenshot showing the Start from Scratch option highlighted
  3. You’ll see the Overview screen including some details about your new website and a WP Admin button to log into your new website.
  4. Start creating your new website!

What’s Next?

You can install your favorite theme and plugins, and start designing your new website. Check out our Getting Started Guide for WordPress for some ideas on what to do nest.

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