Launch Assist

New server? Let our Managed Hosting Team
configure it for you.

Launch Assist for
Virtual Private Servers

For only $99, we'll get your new VPS configured to
match your needs.

Launch Assist for
Dedicated Servers

Launch Assist is completely FREE with a purchase
of a new dedicated server.

Common Uses of Launch Assist

  • Anyway You Like

    Think of us as your own personal IT department. Tell us how you need your server setup, and we’ll take care of it.

  • Advanced Site Mover

    We can move your website or application from your current hosting company to our servers.

  • Application Setup

    Our team can install, setup, and optimize your application to maximize its performance.

  • Reseller Site Mover

    We make it easy to move your current reseller hosting accounts over to our servers. Read more below.

  • Launch Assist Setup

    Let us set up your server for you. Email, domains, security implementation, FTP accounts and more.

  • Professional Consultations

    New to hosting and need a place to start? Let the Managed Hosting Team guide you in the right direction.

Reseller Site Mover

Our Managed Hosting team will work with you to get all of your sites transferred to our servers. Initial consultations will gauge how much needs to be moved.

Once we have this information, we’ll give you a time estimate and a price quote.

Managed Hosting

For ongoing support after your server is setup, Managed Hosting is here to save you time and create best-fit solutions.

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Save Money

Time with our Managed Hosting team without a committment is $75/hour. With Launch Assist, you save.

Launch Assist Features Listing for VPS and Dedicated Hosting
100% Free
* Launch Assist is valid for 30 days after purchase of a VPS Launch Assist plan or dedicated server. After 30 days, Launch Assist hours are no longer valid.
Advanced Site Mover Included Included
Reseller Site Mover Included Included
Server Security Setup Included Included
Professional Consultations Included Included
Everything Email Included Included
Application Installation/Optimization Included Included
Advanced Server Config. Included Included
Server CRON Automation Included Included
Custom Hardware Config. Not Included Included
Hours Included*
Depending on plan type
2 2–4
Price $99 Free

Call (888) 321-4678 x1

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