How to Copy Post Content HTML from WordPress with WP-CLI

Date: 11/8/19  2 Minutes To Read WP-CLI is a command line tool that comes with your WordPress Hosting package. You can use it to manage your WordPress site with quick and intuitive command line instructions. Utilized properly, WP-CLI can drastically speed up your workflow and replace tedious dashboard operations with efficient scripts you can repeat and Read More >

How to Purge W3 Total Cache in WP-CLI

In this article, we cover how to purge W3 Total Cache (W3TC) caches within your WordPress dashboard and WP-CLI, the command-line interface for WordPress. WP-CLI WordPress Dashboard Learn how to improve WordPress performance with our NGINX-powered WordPress Hosting. WP-CLI Log in to SSH or cPanel Terminal. Navigate to your WordPress directory. (Optional) Ensure W3TC is Read More >

Enable Really Simple SSL with WP-CLI

There are multiple ways to force your WordPress website to use a free or paid SSL certificate (HTTPS) for a secure connection. However, sometimes a WordPress website refuses to display images and instead reports mixed content errors (not to be confused with Self-Signed SSL Certificate Warning) using browser developer tools or web apps like Read More >

Find Your Last Used Theme WIth WP-CLI

WP-CLI has many great tools for managing WordPress websites in SSH. You can view your currently installed themes using WP-CLI: wp theme list +——–+——–+———–+———+ | name | status | update | version | +——–+——–+———–+———+ | square | active | available | 1.3.8 | +——–+——–+———–+———+ Sometimes theme files (wp-content/themes) aren’t transferred during migrations. In this case, Read More >

Check and Repair Database with WP-CLI

When a WordPress website shows an Error establishing a database connection, those with access to cPanel can check and repair databases using MySQL Database or phpMyAdmin. Below, we cover how web developers can check and repair a WordPress database using WP-CLI. Note: You must navigate to the root folder of your WordPress installation in SSH Read More >

Manage WordPress Plugins with WP-CLI

InMotion Hosting servers have WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI) installed. Therefore, you can install and toggle a WordPress plugin using SSH in lieu of the WordPress dashboard. You may want to activate a newly uploaded plugin. Maybe a recently updated plugin prevents you from logging into your WordPress site. Or WordFence Security notified you that Read More >

Reset WordPress User Password Using WP-CLI

WP-CLI (WordPress Command Line Interface) is a WordPress function enabled for WordPress Hosting at InMotion. If you’re unable to login, there are multiple ways to reset your WordPress password, including via Softaculous. Here we’ll cover how to reset a WordPress user password using WP-CLI. Reset the User Password SSH into your server and the cPanel Read More >

How to Install a WP-CLI Package

WP-CLI has many capabilities but like plugins for WordPress, packages can be installed to add functionality to WP-CLI. For instance, you can install the wp-cli/wp-super-cache-cli package to add functions for support of the WP Super Cache plugin. Be sure to check out the official WP-CLI Package Index for more information on the available packages. In Read More >

How to Enable WordPress Debugging Using WP-CLI

In This Tutorial: Check WP_DEBUG Enable Debugging Disable Debugging Although it is more secure to disable errors from displaying on your website, at times, it may be necessary to enable debugging. Enabling debugging errors can help you to diagnose and resolve issues with your website. In this guide, you can learn how to check, enable, Read More >

How to Create and Delete a WordPress Page Using WP-CLI

In This Tutorial: Create a Page Delete a Page WP-CLI is a tool available with any of InMotion Hosting’s WordPress Hosting plans. This ingenious suite of tools allows you to work on your WordPress websites from the command line. In this guide, you will learn how to create and delete a WordPress Page from the Read More >