How to Change Your WordPress Theme

You already know the importance of WordPress themes and how to search, preview, and install a theme in your WordPress dashboard. However, you can also easily change your theme, without losing your website content.  Changing your WordPress theme is useful if you’ve outgrown your current theme or need a theme that supports eCommerce or online Read More >

How to Find a WordPress Theme

You know WordPress themes are an important piece of WordPress site development. There are thousands of free and premium themes and searching for a theme may seem overwhelming. Moreso, you may be wondering how to even start searching for a WordPress theme.  Continue reading to learn about: How to Find a WordPress Theme WordPress Theme Read More >

Resource Guide: What are WordPress Themes?

WordPress themes are a large part of the WordPress structure and experience. Even new WordPress users have heard about WordPress themes and their importance. With a theme, a user can install, build, and launch their website quickly and easily. But what are WordPress Themes and how can they be used to build beautiful WordPress sites?  Read More >