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WordPress themes are a large part of the WordPress structure and experience. Even new WordPress users have heard about WordPress themes and their importance. With a theme, a user can install, build, and launch their website quickly and easily. But what are WordPress Themes and how can they be used to build beautiful WordPress sites?

What are WordPress Themes?

There are currently more than 7,000 free themes in the official WordPress repo and thousands more on the market

A WordPress theme is a collection of stylesheets, graphics, and code that create a website template. WordPress theme templates control the aesthetic design of your website, as well as some functionality. This means the theme template colors, fonts, page layouts, widget locations, and any particular default functionality will be carried throughout your website as you build your pages.

WordPress themes save you time without your website losing beautiful design and dynamic functionality. They allow you to change and tweak your website easily — giving you the ability to focus on building and growing your online business.

Getting Started with WordPress Themes

Create a beautiful, modern, responsive website in minutes with a WordPress Theme. Learn how to search for and install the perfect WordPress theme for your needs.

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Editing a WordPress Theme

Once your site is launched, you may find yourself wanting to make changes to the theme. Because of the open-source, highly scalable, and customizable nature of WordPress, you can jump into your theme code files and make small changes as needed.

If you are going to attempt editing your theme, make a back up of your website or create a development environment for testing. There are also maintenance mode plugins that allow you to develop a WordPress site while showing a maintenance message. Some even have dedicated pages to announce when the website will be republished.

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