Tove: A WordPress Theme Built For Full-Site Editing

Tove: A WordPress Theme Built For Full-Site Editing

As WordPress 5.9 prepares to move the world’s most popular CMS closer to an entirely full-site editing (FSE) experience, users can expect new theme and plugin releases designed to incorporate and work alongside FSE.

Tove is one of those themes. 

Officially released in the WordPress Theme repository on September 17, it is brand new, and one of the very first themes to be designed around full-site editing. 

The theme was designed by Swedish developer Anders Norén. Norén has released more than 20 different themes so far, but Tove is his first block-based theme. 

It was designed with restaurants and cafes in mind, but thanks to the layout features of FSE, the fun and colorful theme can be used for all kinds of websites. 

In this article, we will tell you more about Tove and its primary features. 

Full-Site Editing

As we already know, WordPress 5.9 plans to introduce full site editing, which will allow users to modify the layout, color scheme, and typography of their websites in the new Site Editor. 

Tove was designed with this in mind and is built entirely around these features.

That means that in order to be able to use Tove, you will need either WordPress 5.9 or the Gutenberg plugin (version 11.5 or newer). 

With Tove, users will be able to change the layout of headers and footers, create entirely custom page templates, modify the structure of their blog and blog posts, and more.

The goal of the theme is to make using all of those features as simple, productive, and as fun as possible.

40+ Block Patterns

Right out of the gate, Tove already includes more than 40 different block patterns that are ready to be applied to your website, and the theme plans to add more as it grows and develops. 

Among the patterns currently available is six different header designs, seven different footer designs, and several other versatile patterns that can be utilized to quickly construct web pages with. 

Block patterns can be used separately or in combination with any of the other 40+ patterns available, allowing users to create a custom layout that works for their needs. 

Built for Cafes and Restaurants 

Norén designed Tove with restaurants and cafes in mind, which is why it includes several restaurant-friendly patterns.

Below are some of the patterns available in the initial release of the theme:

  • Custom restuant menus
  • Information for opening hours
  • Customer reviews
  • Call-to-action buttons for booking tables
  • And more
Tove was designed with restaurants and cafes in mind, which is why it includes several restaurant-friendly features and patterns.

Of course, these features can be used as needed and applied to any kind of website, not just restaurant-type sites. 


Tove has embraced the features of full-site editing which has allowed the theme to remain lightweight. 

Despite including more than 40 block patterns in the theme, Tove’s entire package is just over 200 kilobytes in size, with most of that consisting of the theme screenshot and placeholder graphics.

At such an insignificant size, Tove likely won’t have much if any effect on user website speeds. 

Tove is still in its infancy stages, and full-site editing is still an experiential feature, so there are likely still bugs and kinks to work out as we gear up for the release of WordPress 5.9.

For this reason, Norén does not recommend using Tove in production until WordPress 5.9 is released in late 2021.

For now though, Tove does offer some insight into what we might expect to see with other block-based themes moving forward. 

If you would like to see Tove in action before testing it out, you can check out its live demo

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