What To Do After Your Website Launches

After weeks of development and revisions, your website is finally launched and ready for the world to see! But what’s next? Even though your website is live, your work is not finished.

You should be monitoring and updating your website for search engine optimization, ease of use, and general promotion and awareness. The most effective website is one that is constantly updated and revised. 

No matter your goals, this article will walk you through a few actions to consider after your website is launched. Most only take a few minutes to set up and then you’re all set to continue curving out your web presence.


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Google Search Console

Once the website is launched, you can begin to monitor how well Google ranks your site and make adjustments as needed. Google Search Console is a free tool that gives insight directly from Google and can be used to improve SEO efforts and optimization.

Once you add your website to Google Search Console, you will be able to measure your website’s search traffic and performance, fix reported issues, and more. By reviewing page performance and keyword query data, which shows you the search queries users are typing in to find your website, you can make informed decisions when updating your website content.

Google Analytics

Similar to Google Search Console, Google Analytics is another Google tool that provides invaluable information about your website. More specifically, Google Analytics dives deeper into the overall performance of your website from a user perspective. It records who is using your site, the device they’re on and how they are finding your site.

It also tells you how much time they are spending on your site, the actions they took, and more. In addition to content optimization, Google Analytics can also assist with tailoring your website call to action, which encourages a particular action by the user like submitting a contact form.

By giving you insight on how users interact with your web pages, you can make better decisions when adding actionable items for users to take.

Business Directories

Listing your website on a business directory is a great way to reach a local audience and increase traffic, especially for a new website. Ranking high on a large search engine like Google takes time and happens organically as your website content more closely matches the search queries of your target audience.

Adding your website to business directories is a great way to gain traffic while your website is still building rank on larger search engines. Here are a few websites that allow you to list your business for free:

  • Facebook
  • Apple Maps
  • Google My Business
  • LinkedIn Company Directory
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • MapQuest
  • HubSpot
  • Super Pages
  • Yellow Book
  • Thumbtack

Don’t forget to add your website to your print material and social media accounts once it’s launched! In addition, make sure you’re posting about your website on your social media accounts regularly, linking back to your website when possible.

You can even post about a related topic and link it to a relevant page on your website. Overall, promoting your website through other marketing avenues will assist in driving more traffic to your website.

Keep Website Updated

While reviewing your analytics and posting about your website on social media, don’t forget to also make regular updates to your website. This includes software updates, like updating your WordPress version or theme and plugins, as well as your actual web page content.

Neglecting to keep your software updated weakens the security of your website, and stale content will not keep users coming back. Run regular updates and make sure you’re adding fresh, relevant content to retain users and traffic.

If you’re looking for a great team to assist with your post-launch updates, check out our WordPress White Glove team! Our White Glove team is comprised of web design experts and professionals who can help you update and maintain your WordPress website.

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