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In order to mock a mobile view of the home page, that would require a separate comp that the designer will need to create, which is out of the scope for the design stage.

The best way to view how the site will look on mobile devices is when the project is in the coding stage and the site is coded. This way, you can use any mobile device available to you, and you can click on the development site URL and you will see how the website reacts in realtime to the different sizes of devices as well as the different sizes of the browser itself (if you were to resize a browser window on a desktop). You can’t get that with a mere design mockup.

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It will also be good to note that it would be good to not only view the site on a desktop but also on a mobile device and give us your feedback/adjustment requests within each round for both views.

When coming up with a mobile comp, it’s important to remember that the way how the site views on a desktop, will essentially “stack” on mobile. So, you’ll notice in this design, that where an image appeared to be on the right of a block of text, will appear either above or below the text. You’ll also notice that heading sizes will appear smaller, and so will leaderboard images.

Another thing to remember about mobile comps is that, because this is the smallest view, not much can fit in this view and the longer your home page design is, the longer of a scroll you will have for your viewers/readers/visitors. Also, there are elements that sometimes need to be hidden such as a slideshow due to the height. Usually this is replaced with a leaderboard design, or just an image.

We have skilled designers that can help you bring your vision to life, please feel free to reach out to our Sales Consultants who are available to answer any of your questions you have.

For more tutorials and information on how to customize your website or get started with the design process, please check our Web Design Services channel!

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