Membership Functionality Considerations for Web Design Services Websites

membership functionality

Membership Functionality Questionnaire

We offer a simple membership setup in Web Design Services. We don’t offer portal setups or advanced membership setups along those lines, but we’re able to set up a membership site that will restrict your content. This is ideal if all you want to do is charge a membership fee for your website, and give people access to certain information that you wouldn’t want to have free to the public. Or maybe your site just requires a registration, but the membership is free, to be able to view this content.

Below is a membership functionality questionnaire that we send to our customers to gather more information, as to what they’re looking for their end result to be in regard to restricting content.

Please answer the questions to the best of your ability.

  1. What content do you want to restrict access to (what will be protected, and what will not)?
    1. Do you want to restrict access to just text on Pages or Posts (blog posts)?
    2. Do you want to restrict access to videos? If yes, how many?
    3. Do you want to restrict access to files? If yes, how many?
  2. Will you be charging for access to your content? If yes…
    1. How much will you charge?
    2. Is the charge a one time fee, or recurring?
    3. If the charge is recurring, how often will it recur (e.g. weekly, monthly, or yearly)?
  3. Do you want to offer free trial subscriptions? If yes…
    1. How long will the trial period be?
    2. How many levels of membership do you need?
      Note: Each higher level also has access to the content of the level below it (e.g. Tier 1 has access to certain content, while Tier 2 has access to that same content, along with access to additional content).
  4. Which payment method of the following will you be using?
    1. 2Checkout
    3. Braintree
    4. PayPal Express
    5. PayPal Standard
    6. PayPal Website Payments Pro
    7. Stripe
    8. Other

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