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In responsive coding, we code in a range and all screen sizes that fall within that range are affected by a certain selection of code. These are referred to as media queries. In general, there are anywhere from 3 to 5 average ranges that web designers code in. You can find examples of these ranges on the following website articles: 

Your site is currently coded with the maximum standard of 5 Media Queries and a few extra variations. To code 3-6 more media query ranges would take a couple hours outside of your 30 mins a month of maintenance and would have the possibility to affect .001% of all visitor’s to your site. If you would like us to code for this we can work at our hourly rate, but in my professional opinion, it would be a waste of your resources.

media queries

We code for mobile, tablet, small laptop and large desktop screens. We strive to make everything viewable and the same, across all screens and devices. Coding additional media queries can help with uncommon screen sizes such as, when you adjust your browser to fit on your screen, etc. but it’s not needed for every possible screen size outside of the main ones we do code for.

If the Safari browser is showing an image or element of the site strangely and it is corrected upon refresh this is usually due to either caching with the browser itself or with another conflict in the browsers processing code. There is nothing we can do to correct problems with the browser itself. If, however, Safari shows a problem with the site that stays consistent across mobile devices and desktops that do not fix with a refresh please let us know. It is unlikely that we can fix this as it may again be a problem with the browser itself but there could be changes we can make to adjust for it.

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