How to Add Blog Post Notifications on Web Design Services Website

blog post notifications

Some site owners may want to automatically notify their visitors of new posts on their site. While there are some blog post notification plugins available for WordPress, most do not offer options for rate limiting or customizing the email that is sent out to their users.

This can cause an issue with email sending limits that are put in place on most of our servers to prevent bulk spam emails from being sent out from our servers. Typically, you would want to use a third party for setting up blog post notifications. Below are two options which we recommend for setting up blog post notifications:

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Option 1: MailChimp RSS to Email

The tutorial includes steps for creating a list, more details for task is provided below.

RSS URL will be something like: ​

When creating the sign up form for the site, if the form will be added to a sidebar or similar small area, choose the Super Slim or Naked form type. Here are more details on creating signup forms. ​

Next, let’s obtain the embed code. Once the embed code is created per this tutorial, send that code a plain text file (.txt file created with a plain text editor like Notepad or TextEdit) and we will take care of adding it to the site.

Note: If this is being added before the site is launched, URL for RSS feed may change after the site launches from to so the URL will need to be updated in MailChimp accordingly once site launches.

Option 2: The Subscriptions feature of Jetpack

Will first need to sign up for a free account in order to properly activate and configure Jetpack for the site. After activating Jetpack, connect to account to enable the Jetpack features.

Subscriptions is turned on by default and will automatically appear in in the comments section whenever a user is adding a comment to a post. Subscriptions sign up form can be added to a sidebar or other widget area using the Blog Subscriptions (Jetpack) widget. To add a Subscriptions sign up form to a page, use this shortcode: [jetpack_subscription_form]

For more tutorials and information on how to customize your website or get started with the design process, please check our Web Design Services channel!

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