How to Wrap Text in Emacs

Emacs is a high level open source cross platform text editor. The first time you open emacs you might start typing and realize your text rolls right past the right margin of your editor frame and continues into nowhere. There are two ways to enable text wrapping in emacs: How to wrap text in current Read More >

InMotion Hosting is now a Corporate Sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation

OpenStack is a leading open-source cloud management system for large enterprises and cloud providers like InMotion Hosting. Since its initial establishment in 2001, InMotion Hosting has invested in open source projects, building its own technical backbone on open source. Which is why they’re proud to finally announce the recent corporate sponsorship of the OpenStack Foundation. Read More >

cPanel Pricing Changes — FAQ

In order to provide additional information about upcoming cPanel pricing changes, InMotion Hosting has provided a detailed listing of Frequently Asked Questions. Why do I have to pay more? When will prices increase again? How much will the next price increase be? Do you have an alternative to cPanel? Can I receive a refund? Will Read More >