How to Copy Post Content HTML from WordPress with WP-CLI

Date: 11/8/19  2 Minutes To Read WP-CLI is a command line tool that comes with your WordPress Hosting package. You can use it to manage your WordPress site with quick and intuitive command line instructions. Utilized properly, WP-CLI can drastically speed up your workflow and replace tedious dashboard operations with efficient scripts you can repeat and Read More >

Creating a Movie Review Site — Part 6 — Analytics and Measuring Your Progress

Now that you have installed WordPress and designed an attractive site, you’re almost ready to launch. But first, you need to consider your measurements for success. How will you know if you’re hitting your goals? What are your goals? This is what you’re going to learn about in this article: Learn about why measuring your Read More >

Launching a Movie Review Site – Part 5 – Installing a WordPress Theme

In the previous article in this series you learned what’s involved in creating a maintenance page for your WordPress site. Next step, you’re going to change the look and feel of your site by selecting a theme. In this article, you will learn to: Assess your page design options Install a theme on your site Read More >

Creating a Movie Review Site – Part 4 – Under Construction Pages

Now we’re getting to the exciting part of the journey. In the previous article in the series you learned about installing WordPress. You’re almost ready to start building your site. But before we get there, you need to create a maintenance or “under construction” page. It’s like a screen to cover your site until it’s Read More >

When Should You Create a WordPress Child Theme?

Selecting a WordPress theme is often a tough decision for business owners since they want it to be a perfect reflection of their company and their customers. However, even the perfect theme needs to be tweaked occasionally. Instead of finding an entirely new theme, you can make minor changes to your website by creating a Read More >