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When you’re setting up your Joomla 4 site, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of options to enable. The Joomla 4 gzip compression feature is one of the most useful, because it’s both easy to enable and dramatically speeds up your site.

The What and Why of Gzip

Gzip is simply another way to compress your data. If you’ve ever extracted files from a ZIP folder or compressed Linux server files into a tar.gz, then you’ve already used similar tools. Gzip uses this data compression on all of your site files. Everything on your site, from the text to the templates to your multimedia content, is compressed for quicker transfer.

Gzip is very easy to implement in Joomla 4, so you should always give it a try just to see if it speeds up your site. If it speeds up your site, you’ve just gained some great user experience improvements with little effort. If you run into trouble due to template or extension conflicts, just deactivate Gzip and return to normal.

Gzip compression will be especially beneficial for visitors on slower, less stable connections. Consider leaving gzip enabled even if you don’t see a difference in performance. Sometimes the benefits will only be obvious in these less-than-ideal situations.

Enable Joomla 4 Gzip Compression

While some site builders can take quite a bit of work to get Gzip running smoothly, the process is quick and easy in Joomla 4.

  1. From your Joomla 4 Home Dashboard, click on System.
  2. Next, click on Global Configuration under Setup.
  3. Click on the Server tab.
    Joomla 4 Gzip compression dashboard
  4. Look for the entry labelled Gzip Page Compression and toggle this to Yes.
  5. Click on Save. You will see a confirmation message.

What Sites Benefit the Most from Gzip Compression

The bigger and more complex your site, the more likely your site will benefit from gzip compression. Sites with a lot of media, especially larger image files, are the ones most likely to benefit from gzip compression. Even simple text sites will benefit from compression as your site gets larger, though, so use gzip to keep the site optimized.

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