Introduction to WebPro

Web Professionals are busy people, and we get that. The WebPro Dashboard provides a clear solution to manage your client accounts through the Account Management Panel (AMP), providing more efficiency to the daily workflows of agencies and designers. This introduction to WebPro helps you get familiar with the basics. Before we discuss the specific features of the WebPro interface, what is it that makes you a WebPro?

WebPro- Making Life Easy for Web Professionals

Are you a WebPro?

You are a WebPro if you:

  • Manage multiple website accounts with multiple owners;
  • Need quick access to website information for managing the website pages, hosting or domains;
  • Need quick access to the website files for managing design work.

Getting Organized as a WebPro

In most cases, a Webpro works with the website, a website designer, a website owner, or some combination of the three. Your work as a WebPro may have to deal with the gamut of dealing with website hosting, billing, the domain name, or just the actual website files. The new interface for web pros provides the necessary access while keeping each account secure. Here are few of the features that a Web Pro can expect to see:

  • Quick and simple interface for Accounts Hosted Accounts
  • Access to multiple accounts regardless of ownership
  • Single sign-on to cPanel for multiple accounts
  • Ability to link accounts to their WebPro account

Relief for your WebPro Clients

WebPro clients will be able to leave their websites in the capable hands of their WebPro Administrator. Their account can be accessed by the WebPro without giving access to sensitive account information. So everything remains secure while giving the WebPro quick access to the account. The WebPro contact information is provided in the Account Management Panel (AMP) interface for each client so that they can reach their WebPro when needed.

Customers using WebPro will be able to provide contact information to linked accounts so that each website owner can easily contact them as needed. Now that you’ve finished the introduction to WebPro, check out Getting Started as a WebPro Admin to learn more.

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