5 Ways To Improve Your Branding

Whether you’re a small business owner or hobbyist, enhancing your online profile goes a long way to improve your reputation and brand. There are a lot of things involved in branding, especially within different industries. There are different web design, marketing and communication strategies depending on your target audience and customers. Here are five ways to enhance your branding.

Cheap Quality Hosting

Upgrade as needed. Don’t waste money that could be better spent elsewhere. That’s why it’s best to start with cheap web hosting that gives you quality security, speed, and customer support. Our Shared Business Hosting provides a free SSL Comodo certificate, and 24/7 live support for this very reason.

There are many free ways to improve performance without increasing annual payments. Many content management systems (CMS) – e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Grav – have plugins to improve website speed and security.

There’s also external services like Cloudflare that cache your website for faster world-wide performance and Securi which proactively protects your website.

Social Media Management

Schedule Posts Ahead of Time. Don’t waste valuable time copying the same content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram multiple times a day. Use a social media management tool (we recommend Buffer.com) to schedule posts ahead of time from a single dashboard so you can free up time to work on something else.

Mailing List

Create a mailing list for visitors who prefer emails over social media. Many WordPress users prefer Mailchimp for managing their email lists.

RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are great for using desktop and mobile apps for new content from websites. WordPress has RSS feeds built-in while many others CMSs have plugins to accomodate this.

Create Content Reguarly

Blog, vlog, or podcast. Creating content regularly gives people a reason to return to your website. This creates more opportunities to market products. There are multiple ways to do this.

  • Write blogs on your website about news related to your industry and brand
  • Record video meetings and vlogs with YouTube or Jitsi
  • Publish audio podcasts via your web server, SoundCloud, Clyp.it, or podcasting websites

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

New content increases your SEO ranking, making it easier for your website to show higher in related search results. A few easy ways to improve SEO:

  • Media file names should relate to what’s in the file – song title, logo in an image
  • Use popular keywords in your titles and descriptions related to your industry for more views
  • Create a schema to show important brand info alongside search engine results

Creating content with SEO regularly keeps you relevent and helps customers relate to you personally. Remember, content doesn’t always have to be about your products, but they should have a call-to-action (CTA).


Matomo Analytics dashboard

The right web analytics application properly configured for your needs can provide important statistics about when and how visitors from wherever in the world are reaching what content.

This data comes from logged IP addresses, device types, and time on webpages. Google Suite users prefer Google Analytics, and Matomo Analytics is the most scalable option we’ve found.

Also, web analytics applications have options to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Accessibility ensures disabled users can navigate your website with operating system (OS) tools such as screen readers, color filters, and closed captions.

Many CMSs have plugins to enhance accessibility, and there are many projects like The A11Y Project dedicated to standardizing guidelines.

Test your website’s accessibility now with Tenon.io and WAVE.Webaim.org

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