Managed VPS vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting – Fully Explained

managed vs unmanaged vps hosting, fully explained

Starting a website or improving your current hosting can be a bit overwhelming. The choice between different VPS hosting solutions is crucial. Whether you’re a newcomer bringing your business online or seeking an advanced solution, this guide aims to demystify the complexities. It offers clarity on which option suits your unique needs between a managed vs an unmanaged VPS. 

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What is Next.js?

What is Next.js? Hero Image

Next.js has emerged as a powerful and versatile framework that simplifies the process of building robust and scalable web applications. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting your coding journey, Next.js offers a delightful development experience, combining the best of React with server-side rendering and an intuitive routing system. Get ready to unlock a new level of efficiency and performance in your web development endeavors!

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What is VPS Hosting?

What is VPS Hosting? - Hero Image

So you want to know “What is VPS hosting”? Well, before we dive in, let’s first understand “what is a VPS?”

A VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a special kind of web hosting package. It takes one big physical server and splits it into smaller “virtual” parts, each acting like its own separate server. This separation gives you more control, better security, and makes your website run faster.

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InMotion Hosting Upgrades VPS Hosting Plans to NVMe SSD Storage for Higher Performance

InMotion Hosting NVMe VPS

InMotion Hosting is bolstering its VPS hosting options yet again, this time in the form of high-performance, ultra-reliable NVMe SSD VPS plans.

After upgrading its VPS hosting options to include unlimited bandwidth and three free dedicated IP addresses last year, InMotion Hosting is now adding even more value to its VPS hosting plans by provisioning new customers on top-of-the-line NVMe servers.

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Top Programming Languages & Frameworks for VPS

Top Programming Languages & Frameworks for VPS hero image

Modern VPS platforms allow for users to leverage popular programming languages and frameworks to perform a wide variety of tasks. Applications can be written in languages such as Javascript, and websites can be written in languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP. In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular programming languages and frameworks you can use on a VPS. 

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Pros and Cons of cPanel on VPS

cPanel on VPS hero image

While it is possible to set up a VPS hosting platform without cPanel, some users find it helpful to have a control panel that they can access from a web browser and modify as they see fit. Using cPanel helps automate and manage a majority of system administration-related tasks, but it can also be restrictive for users looking to customize their servers in particular ways. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of using cPanel on VPS. 

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6 cPanel Alternatives

Free cPanel alternatives

Many Linux users have been looking for a CentOS replacement since the news of CentOS 8 coming to an end emerged in early 2021. Similarly, many managed VPS users have switched to Cloud Server (unmanaged) Hosting following the price increase in cPanel hosting plans recently. Below we’ll cover some of the most popular, stable cPanel alternatives available for Linux systems.

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WordPress Hosting vs WordPress VPS: Which is Right for You?

WordPress Hosting vs WordPress VPS TItle Image

If you are new to WordPress, or an experienced WordPress administrator, it’s important that you choose the type of web hosting that’s best for you and your business. InMotion Hosting offers both a WordPress Hosting plan on WordPress-optimized shared servers and a Managed WordPress Hosting. Below we will look at what the plans have in common, the key differences between the plans, and some guidelines to help you decide which plan best fits your needs.

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cPanel Managed VPS vs Cloud Server Hosting

Managed VPS vs Cloud Server Hosting article image

As your business expands, the need to scale your web hosting becomes increasingly evident. Two prominent options may stand out to you: cPanel Managed VPS and Cloud Server Hosting. Each offers unique features and benefits tailored to different needs and preferences. Understanding the differences between these two solutions is important for anyone looking to start their online journey or upgrade their current hosting.

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Making the Most of Linux Cloud Server Hosting

Making the Most of Linux Cloud Server Hosting - Advice from Managed Hosting

After talking with a system administrator (sysadmin) about Managed VPS Hosting, I wanted to ask someone else about unmanaged, Linux cloud servers. We generally recommend the cloud server to advanced Linux users who are comfortable in the command-line interface (CLI), or terminal. But sometimes, the best way to learn something is to just go for it and learn as you go.

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