Comparing InMotion Hosting vs HostGator VPS Hosting

Comparing InMotion Hosting vs HostGator VPS Hosting

If you are doing a comparison of InMotion Hosting vs HostGator VPS hosting, you might be wasting your time.

That is because when it comes down to which host offers more value with its VPS hosting plans, InMotion Hosting wins that battle by a long shot. 

Whether you want NVMe servers, more RAM, or all the added free features you receive with an InMotion Hosting VPS plan such as a free domain, additional free dedicated IP addresses, or five free cPanel licenses, InMotion Hosting provides a far better return on your hosting investment. 

In this article, we will compare InMotion Hosting vs HostGator VPS hosting, outline some of the key features offered by both VPS options, and show why InMotion Hosting is the clear-cut winner when it comes to VPS hosting.

InMotion Hosting: Better Overall Value 

It is plain and simple: When comparing InMotion Hosting vs HostGator VPS hosting, HostGator just cannot compete with the better overall value provided by InMotion Hosting VPS plans. 

In this section, we will highlight several of the key features to pay attention to when shopping for a VPS hosting plan and show how InMotion Hosting gives you more of the features and resources you need to make the most of your investment. 

More VPS Hosting Options

The first thing you want to look for is how many different VPS hosting options a host offers. The more plan options there are, the greater flexibility you will have in picking a plan that suits your needs.

HostGator falls in line with most of the hosting industry, offering the standard three options. So if HostGator’s mid-tier plan doesn’t have enough resources for you, you will need to move up to their most expensive plan. 

With InMotion Hosting, you have four options to choose from, including a 12GB RAM option that allows you to upgrade from the mid-level option without having to jump all the way up to the top tier. This not only allows you to be more flexible but gives you the option to increase the power of your VPS plan without shelling out money for more resources than you need with a 16GB RAM plan.

NVMe Servers

One thing you will find with an InMotion VPS plans that you can not get at HostGator is state-of-the-art NVMe servers. 

NVMe, or Non-Volatile Memory Express, is a blazing fast storage protocol designed specifically for next-generation SSDs that enables data centers and enterprise environments to take full advantage of high-performance flash memory.

These high-performance, ultra-reliable servers provide up to 20x speed and performance over traditional hard disk drives, while also offering advanced scalability for current and future performance.

If you want the latest technology built into your VPS plan, InMotion Hosting has you covered. 

More RAM

The more RAM your VPS has, the power you will have at your disposal. If you want more power, then InMotion Hosting is the obvious choice. 

That is because on top of more plan options, InMotion Hosting offers twice the amount of RAM on every plan that HostGator has available. 

Let’s take a look at how the two hosts compare when it comes to RAM offered:

InMotion Hosting VPS

  • 4GB RAM: 4GB RAM
  • 8GB RAM: 8GB RAM
  • 12GB RAM: 12GB RAM*
  • 16GB RAM: 16GB RAM

HostGator VPS

  • Snappy 2000: 2GB RAM
  • Snappy 4000: 4GB RAM
  • Snappy 8000: 8GB RAM

*HostGator does not offer a comparable plan.

As you can see, there is no comparison between InMotion Hosting and HostGator when it comes to the amount of RAM offered on VPS plans. 

Free Domain

Want to make your business appear more professional? Then you need a professional email address.

Using an email address ending in a custom domain name can influence how others see your company and help legitimize your brand or business. 

At InMotion Hosting, you will get a free domain name with all of our VPS hosting options. 

At HostGator, you will have to pay extra for a custom domain. In fact, if you want a .com domain, it will cost you an additional $18.99/year on top of your VPS hosting costs. 

Additional Free Dedicated IP Addresses

Dedicated IP addresses can be helpful for many different reasons and we know that having more than one is sometimes a necessity. 

No matter which InMotion Hosting VPS plan you choose, you will have access to at least two dedicated IP addresses whenever you need them. With the 4GB, 12GB, and 16GB RAM plans, you will get three dedicated IP addresses. 

HostGator only offers two IP addresses even with its most expensive plan. If you ever need more than two, it will cost you an extra $4 per month to add another one to your HostGator VPS plan.

Five Free cPanel Licenses + Free WHM

CPanel is the industry standard for server management control panels, which is why it is included on all InMotion Hosting VPS plans. 

Unfortunately, cPanel changed its pricing structure in 2019 and now requires a paid license for each individual cPanel account.

Despite the change, InMotion Hosting still offers five free cPanel licenses with every VPS hosting plan. 

HostGator states on its website, “We no longer add a cPanel license to an existing VPS package. Customers must purchase a VPS with cPanel to have it installed.”

That means at HostGator, it will be on you to pay for cPanel and any additional cPanel licenses you need. 

On top of that, InMotion Hosting also includes a free WHM license with its VPS hosting plans.

HostGator states that VPS hosting plans do not qualify for a free WHMCS license, but that VPS customers can obtain a WHMCS license at a discounted rate of $5 per month.

With InMotion Hosting VPS plans, you don’t have to pay extra for the tools you need.

Full Server Management

One of the biggest perks of an InMotion Hosting VPS plan that HostGator can not offer is full server management. 

All InMotion Hosting’s Managed VPS plans feature total and complete hands-off management of your server. That means that all server management is completed by a team of in-house experts that can implement or update cPanel licenses, operating systems, and much more.

That allows you to take care of your business while our experts take care of your VPS server.

At HostGator, all VPS plans are unmanaged meaning that once you sign up, you are on your own as far as server management. 

Free Migrations and Launch Assist

Full server management is great once your VPS is up and running, but what about actually getting your website transferred and your server set up?

Don’t worry, InMotion Hosting has you covered there too. 

Each InMotion Hosting VPS plan includes free website migrations as well as two free hours of Launch Assist. So on top of handling the migration of your site, you will also have two hours of premium hands-on support that can be used for whatever you need. 

HostGator says it offers free migrations, but has a clause on its website that states, “HostGator provides a limited number of free migrations from other hosting providers or inter-server migration between HostGator servers for new accounts within 30 days of signup.”

However, even if you are within 30 days of opening an account, you will have to submit a “Request Migration Form.”

At InMotion Hosting, that is not the case. Simply tell us what you need done and we will do it for you. 

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

InMotion Hosting offers a lot of features and perks that set them apart from HostGator and other competitors, but maybe none are as impressive as its industry-leading 90-day money-back guarantee. 

That means no matter which VPS plans you choose, you will have three full months to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you get your money back. It is as simple as that.

HostGator does a little better than the standard 30-day guarantee, but not by much. All HostGator VPS plans are backed by a 45-day guarantee – half the time you get with any InMotion Hosting VPS plan. 

What Sets InMotion Hosting Apart From Other Hosts

We have covered a lot of different areas where InMotion Hosting stands out when comparing it and HostGator’s VPS hosting options, but you are paying for more than just a hosting plan when you choose InMotion Hosting.  

InMotion Hosting is unlike other hosting companies in the way it conducts business. There are several things we do to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Below are the three aspects of InMotion Hosting’s culture that our customers seem to appreciate the most. 

We Are Employee-Owned 

InMotion Hosting is 100% employee-owned and operated. That means that we don’t have to answer to stakeholders or make decisions based on the bottom line. 

HostGator is owned byNewfold Digital, which owns at least 80 other hosting companies (including Bluehost, HostMonster, Network Solutions and iPage).

Prior to 2021, HostGator was owned byEndurance International Group (EIG). In February of 2021, Endurance International Group merged with to form a new company named Newfold Digital, which is a joint venture between Clearlake Capital (an investment firm) and Siris Capital Group (a private equity firm).

By staying employee-owned, we are able to ensure that we can continue to mold our business around the needs of our customers by providing reliable products and services. 

There is no chance you will get lost in the shuffle as you might with one of EIG’s 80+ brands.

Two Decades of Success

As the old saying goes, “we weren’t born yesterday.” Hosting is our passion and something we’ve taken pride in providing for two decades. 

In fact, InMotion Hosting celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021, and we are still just as committed to serving our customers now as we were the day we launched the company in 2001.

Awards and Partners

InMotion Hosting is no stranger to receiving awards and recognition. 

We have received and maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for more than a decade. HostGator parent company EIG is not a BBB accredited business. 

InMotion Hosting chooses to focus on quality over quantity. 

Some of our most recent awards include:

  • G2 Users Love Us
  • G2 Winter 2022
    • Web Hosting Leader
    • Web Hosting Leader Small Business
    • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Leader
    • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Leader Small Business
  • G2 Spring 2021
    • Web Hosting Leader
    • Web Hosting Leader Small Business
    • Easiest To Do Business With
    • Easiest To Do Business With Small Business
  • 2021 PCMag Editors’ Choice
    • Overall Hosting Providers
    • The Best Web Hosting Services of 2021
    • Affordable VPS Plans
  • 2020
    • Best Web Host
    • Best VPS Web Hosting

Additionally, we partner with some of the best brands in the industry. 

Our partners include:

  • Yahoo
  • Bing 
  • Twitter
  • Intel
  • Cisco
  • cPanel
  • Many more

InMotion Hosting vs HostGator VPS Comparison Table

This article has likely given you a lot of information to digest.

To sum things up, let’s take a look at a visual representation of how InMotion Hosting vs HostGator VPS Hosting stacks up:

FeaturesInMotion HostingHostGator
4 VPS Hosting OptionsYesNo
NVMe ServersYesNo
More RAMYesNo
Free DomainYesNo
Additional Dedicated IP AddressesYesNo
5 Free cPanel LicensesYesNo
Free WHMYesNo
Full Server ManagementYesNo
Free Site MigrationsYesMaybe
Free Launch AssistYesNo
90-Day Money-Back GuaranteeYesNo
Make sure your business, agency, or reseller clients are always connected and powered on with our optimized Managed VPS Hosting.

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