Plugin Review: Autoptimize For WordPress

If you attended our live site speed presentation on YouTube, then you’ve probably heard of the Autoptimize plugin. It’s earned over 1 million active installs. And for good reason–it can help speed up your website significantly. But there are some things to be aware of before using it. In this post, I’ll explain what Autoptimize does, and why it’s a good idea to try it out on your website. I’ll also cover some reasons why you might not want to use it, and how to work around those issues.

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Fail-proof A/B Testing For Email Marketing

A/B testing for email marketing

Are you multi-variable or single-variable thinker? If you believe that the best analysis of a situation or result requires multiple variables instead of one isolated cause, then you’re a multi-variable or “multivariate” thinker. Multiple variables are always at play when analyzing a complicated system, and your business is no exception. Why do some marketing campaigns fail while others succeed?

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Discord Server Uses

4 Uses for Discord Hero Image

While Discord remains a popular platform for online gaming communities, there are a variety of other uses for Discord servers. Team communication, project collaboration, and remote learning are all examples of ways you can use Discord in your personal or professional life. In this article we will explore these uses and discuss what they mean for your online presence.  

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Unrestricted Fun: Open Source Weekend Projects

How to pick a project for an open source weekend

Getting caught up in an open source weekend project can teach you a lot, without even tipping you off to the fact that you’re learning something. That’s because the projects listed in this article are first and foremost fun. Whether it’s designing a WordPress theme, doing a hackathon, cooking some delicious recipes, or searching around for user-replaceable parts for your Raspberry Pi garage door opener, taking on an open source project can be a rewarding activity.

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IDE Vs Text Editor (Which Is Best For You?)

IDE vs Text Editor - Which is best for you?

Much of the work you will accomplish in the course of updating and maintaining websites can be made significantly easier through the use of a good text editor or integrated development environment (IDE). Who doesn’t want to work smarter instead of harder? If you are using some default text editor or web interface for editing system files, it’s like digging a hole with a spoon instead of a hydraulic-powered backhoe. It makes that much difference.

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