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While Discord remains a popular platform for online gaming communities, there are a variety of other uses for Discord servers. Team communication, project collaboration, and remote learning are all examples of ways you can use Discord in your personal or professional life. In this article we will explore these uses and discuss what they mean for your online presence.  

Uses for Discord Servers

Team Communication 

One of the most common uses for Discord servers is creating a private hub for online communication with team members. Since Discord includes text messaging, video calls, and voice chat features, there are a variety of ways to communicate with your team. For added communication, Discord allows users to create highly customizable text and voice channels where people can communicate freely and in real-time.

Best of all, the Discord mobile app allows users to connect even when away from their workstations or while travelling. The mobile app supports all of the same features as the desktop version, including video calls and voice chat, so you can stay in touch however you’d prefer. Whether for school or work, Discord remains a versatile and reliable online communications platform. 

Project Collaboration

In addition to facilitating stronger team communication, Discord can also be used for collaborative projects. Files can be shared via Discord, making it easy for users to distribute important documents or other data. Customizable text channels and user roles allow Discord server administrators to organize the server and boost productivity.

While many online communication platforms can be cluttered or difficult to use, Discord is user-friendly and uses a clean, modern interface. This means anyone on your team can participate in your Discord collaboration, regardless of technical proficiency. By staying connected with your team through Discord you can better collaborate on a wide range of projects from software development to book reports.

Remote Learning and Online Training

One of the recent popular uses for Discord servers is in the context of remote learning and online training. Since Discord facilitates strong team communication and project collaboration, it is a natural fit for the classroom as well as professional training environments. Video conferencing with multiple users is possible, with full screen-sharing functionality and file sharing capabilities. Through Discord you can chat with your team, present slideshows, and upload files all within your own private video conference. Whether 1-on-1 or in a small group, Discord is a user-friendly tool for a variety of educational uses.

User Feedback

One of the less common uses for Discord servers is as a venue for users to provide feedback about a product or service. Frequently, this is seen for software such as Microsoft Office or WordPress. These Discord servers are communities for users to come together to share experiences, troubleshoot issues, and stay up-to-date with the latest information about the software in question. Such servers are vital resources, providing tools to the end-user and crucial feedback to the developer.

As mentioned previously, the customizable chat channels and user roles allow Discord administrators to maintain the server and moderate the content that is posted and shared within. While most commonly seen with software, Discord servers also exist for television shows, video game communities, and much more. In these contexts, user feedback can provide unique insights into audience preferences and overall community attitudes.

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