Introduction to Softaculous & cPanel

Our recent offering of the software “Softaculous” has probably left many of you wondering  what it is and how can it help you. Softaculous is a utility application within your cPanel used to help develop your  websites. It’s an auto installer program that comes with over 278 useful scripts and 1000 PHP Classes, any of which can be installed in just one step. In simpler terms, it’s a one-step method of installing useful apps, eCommerce solutions and CMSs to your website.

I’m going to demonstrate just how easy it is to use and how it can be a time saver for any inexperienced user. This newly featured software, which is provided for all of our cPanel hosting customers, makes building a website almost instantaneous.

Look under the “Software/Services” section  that appears towards the bottom of your cPanel. I’ve highlighted it’s icon below:

Opening up Softaculous gives you a beautiful Ajax powered dynamic menu, where options reveal as you rollover. Further ratings and descriptions expand when you hover over them. In addition, dynamic descriptions that reveal without you clicking through help you determine what will fit your preferences without leaving the screen and needlessly reloading a new page to investigate. Needless to say, it doesn’t take long to work out how to navigate Softaculous. It lives up to it’s hype and really offers one-step installs. After selecting one of the applications, you will need to fill out one set of fields for administration, and then the utility software takes care of the rest.

In the next introduction to Softaculous, I’ll be focusing in on specific installs. Why don’t you visit your cPanel login now and take a look around. You might find some website applications that are really worth investigating to add further usability or customer value to your website.

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