Cool Tools For Illustrating your Blog Posts

Cool Tool For Illustrating your Blog Posts

Bloggers out there! Ever struggled to find the right imagery to accompany your articles? I found a cool web browser based sketch pad called OdoSketch.

It’s intuitively simple to use; minimal tools, and so with hardly anything to complicate the task, I compiled my sketch using only my laptop touch pad.

Graphics designers will be pleased to see a palette of beautiful neutral colors, rendered onto a textured canvas to make it look better than your own real-life scribbles on paper.

So – now whenever you’re stuck with what to illustrate your writing with, you can create something online and embed it with the provided embed codes. It even renders a live, fast forward version of your sketching, to bring it to life for a few seconds.

I’ve found another use for it, to use my sketches as title cards along with any other future video tutorials I do.

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