Better Email Marketing: Newsletter Design Trends

Better Email Marketing: Newsletter Design Trends

Your newsletter represents your business. The way you design it matters, and it should be flexible based on your needs. We’ve compiled our list of favorite newsletter design trends to help you try something new on the path to building better email marketing.

Interactive Elements

From gamification (a game that offers a reward at the end of the entertaining experience) and interactive menus to style carousels and color palette choices, interactive elements in your email marketing can lead the way in click-throughs and ROI.

Mobile interaction on email is at an all-time high, so having an interactive and fun element can make things much more interesting.


Keep this limited to one GIF per message and make sure the GIF is unique to you and your business. Using a GIF from a show, movie, or another pop element can isolate a significant portion of your audience and open you up to copyright infringement.  

Bold Typography

Bold typography works when you have a small phrase or series of words. Typography can also work as a bold element when paired with images and brand.

More Human/Personalization

Personalization is a way to build trust and loyalty. Your subscriber wants to know that they matter to you. As a matter of fact, if you use personalization properly, you can increase your open rates by 26% or more. One of the easiest ways to do this is by properly segmenting your lists.

Graphics/Illustrations and Bold Colors

Color blocking, bold color choices, graphics, and illustrations all work together to build a visual feast for the eyes. Visual maps and info-graphics are also popular choices. These tools create a visual journey for your subscriber.

Highlighted Phrases

Highlighted phrases can be more than the traditional highlight. The point is to draw the eye in a steady progression through your newsletter. This can be done by using contrasting colors next to one another (a bright red sale dot with white letters next to a blue background, for instance).

Minimalistic, Clean Design

One of the biggest trends this year involves minimalistic simple design. This appeals to mobile device users. You want finger-tap friendly buttons, easy to follow calls to action and simple designs.

Overall you want a design that is easy on the eyes, easy to consume, and organized in an attractive way to keep the eye going through the newsletter.

User-Generated Content

You can now use live polling inside your marketing efforts. A live poll is where you have a poll that updates in real-time for all viewers. Think about how you would use this during the holidays. You could build several holiday bundle options and have your readers vote on their favorites options. That would, in turn, influence more of your viewers to actually purchase the most popular options.

Here are a few bonus tips, as well:

  • When you create your newsletter, try to keep to feature one product or trend at a time.
  • Limit the multiple font and color types. The general rule is no more than two fonts and colors. This brings simplicity so it’s not visually overwhelming for your subscriber.
  • Don’t depend on your interactive element to always work.
  • Don’t count that your images will load. Poor signal, slow loading times, email server problems, and more can prevent your viewer from seeing the image element.
  • Add plain text explanations with hyperlinks as they are an important part of the experience.

Make sure you test your newsletter on multiple devices before you send it so you can ensure it looks great and everything is spelled correctly/sorted properly. Double check that spelling in your subject line!

When following these tips, you can better improve your email marketing and better reach a broader audience. Did you know that InMotion Hosting can help with the response time on your website? Don’t make your visitors wait after clicking on your email, use InMotion Hosting to bring powerful and super fast speeds to your website.

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