How to Engage Your Audience Through Email

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If you’ve managed to easily create a website to showcase your business, then it’s important to take the steps needed to make sure that it succeeds. One of the biggest assets that you have at your disposal is your list of contacts.

If you remember the days of cold-calling prospective leads, you know how rough this type of marketing can be.

Even now, one-size-fits-all mass emails are also becoming a thing of the past. Instead, you’re going to need to create a more personalized email-marketing plan to generate more business.

Collecting Emails

Before you even write the email, you need to collect a list of email addresses from potential customers. One way to do this begins with your website.

When you create your website, you should include a sign-up section that allows visitors to subscribe to your newsletter and emails. This is a must-have for business sites.

Nail the Subject Line

Every day, you probably get twenty or more emails in your inbox. And you probably just dump most of them into your trash bin without even reading them.

How do you keep your emails, then, from being dumped when you send them out?

The answer starts with the subject line. You must create a dynamic, eye-catching subject line that will lead the reader in and make them want to read more.

There are numerous templates and formulas that can help you craft a catchy subject line, but the main premise is that it should be short, personal, and contain some hint that opening the email will be in the reader’s best interest.

Make Good Looking Emails

The next step is to create an email design that looks professional and polished. Straight text will never catch the reader’s eye.

Your email should be colorful and vibrant, with striking graphics and visuals. You also need to be sure that the emails are responsive and easily readable on both computers and mobile devices.

Create Content that Tells A Story

Although visuals will draw the reader in, you will need compelling text to close the deal. It’s one thing when business owners easily create a website and another when they do it in a compelling way that engage the audience.

One way to do that is by telling a story that creates an emotional connection with your reader. A potential customer is more likely to become a buying customer if they feel like they can identify with the business. Captivating email content can help you do just that.

Get Personal

Just putting a person’s name in the email subject line or greeting isn’t enough. You must really make the reader feel like you know them.

If you’re running an e-commerce site, for instance, you may have data on the items that a visitor has looked at but decided not to purchase.

You can then email them a few days letter with a special deal offering a discount on those specific items. This will make the customer feel like you know what they are interested in and that their business is important to you.

It’s Automatic

Finally, you need to utilize every tool that you have at your disposal, especially email automation. It would be impossible to send out personalized emails by yourself every single day. So, utilize an email automation plugin or software such as Mailchimp that lets you integrate all of these functions smoothly.

When you create your own website, you must include the ability to collect email addresses and then put those into an email system such as Mailchimp so that you can send out regular messages. While you can easily create a website with Website Creator from InMotion Hosting, there’s also a platform that will help you create an email campaign to drive your business.

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