InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting

InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting

If you are searching for VPS Hosting, you are likely weighing your options. 

A lot of people like to compare InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting, but when you compare the two side by side, Hostinger just does not stack up. 

There are plenty of comparable features when you look at InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting such as the amount of allotted RAM and NVMe SSD storage. However, there are even more areas where there is no comparison between the two with InMotion Hosting offering far more bang for your buck. 

In this article, we will highlight several of the top features from both InMotion Hosting and Hostinger VPS Hosting options, and explain why InMotion Hosting is the clear-cut winner. 

In this article:

InMotion Hosting Offers Better VPS Hosting Options

When you compare InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting, there are some key differences worth noting. 

NVMe Servers

A huge perk you get with any InMotion VPS plan that Hostinger just cant offer is state-of-the-art NVMe servers. 

NVMe, or Non-Volatile Memory Express, is a blazing fast storage protocol designed specifically for next-generation SSDs that enables data centers and enterprise environments to take full advantage of high-performance flash memory.

These high-performance, ultra-reliable servers provide up to 20x speed and performance over traditional hard disk drives, while also offering advanced scalability for current and future performance.

At InMotion Hosting, the latest technology is already built right into your VPS plan.

More Storage

When shopping for VPS plans, a lot of customers pay attention to how much storage they will have on their hosting plan.

InMotion Hosting wins that battle too. Despite eight different VPS options, Hostinger caps its max storage off at 250GB.

InMotion Hosting offers up to 360GB of storage, and it’s on NVMe servers. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

At InMotion Hosting, we try not to place restrictions on hosting plans. That is why other than our intro 4GB RAM plan, all our VPS Hosting options come with unlimited bandwidth. 

When comparing InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting, it’s important to note that Hostinger does not offer unlimited bandwidth with even their most expensive of plans.

On top of that, they have a clause in their contracts that if the total VPS bandwidth limit is exceeded, the network speed of VPS is limited to a minimum of 5Mbps.

You won’t find any clauses like that with InMotion Hosting VPS plans. 

Unlimited Websites 

On top of unlimited bandwidth, we also offer unlimited websites with all of our VPS Hosting plans. 

Hostinger on the other hand, places an inode limit on all of their plans meaning that even if you pay for the best plan they have, you could still potentially run into an inode limit which would restrict the number of websites you can host on your server. 

Free Site Migrations

We know that migrating your site can be a headache and cause unnecessary stress for you or your team. 

At InMotion Hosting, you don’t have to worry about that. 

All of our VPS Hosting plans come with hassle-free site migrations and up to two hours of Launch Assist, so all you have to do is sign up and we will handle the rest. 

Extra Dedicated IP Addresses

A dedicated IP address is great, but three of them are even better. 

At Hostinger, even the top-dollar VPS plan only comes with a single IP address. 

With InMotion Hosting, you’ll get two dedicated IP addresses even on the cheapest plan we offer, and three dedicated IP addresses on all other VPS plans. 

Free SSL Certificates

On top of everything we mentioned above, all InMotion Hosting VPS Hosting plans come with a free SSL certificate.

Other companies charge for an SSL certificate as an easy way to make some extra money, but that doesn’t sit well with us. 

At Hostinger, it will cost you an extra charge to get your SSL certificate.

Full Server Management

One of the biggest perks of an InMotion Hosting VPS plan you can’t get from Hostinger is full server management. 

All InMotion Hosting’s Managed VPS plans feature total and complete hands-off management of your server. That means that all your VPS server management is completed by a team of in-house experts that can implement or update cPanel licenses, operating systems, and much more.

That allows you to take care of your business while our experts take care of your VPS server.

All Hostinger VPS plans are unmanaged meaning that once you sign up, you are on your own as far as managing your server. 

Additional VPS Hosting Features

NVMe servers, unlimited resources, more storage, free site migrations and SSL certificates, and additional IP addresses are great perks because they help you get the most out of your hosting plan without breaking the bank, but they are far from the only area InMotion Hosting offers more than Hostinger when it comes to VPS Hosting.

Below we will take a look at the other features that make InMotion Hosting stand out when compared to Hostinger.


When it comes to control panels, cPanel is the industry standard, which is why it is included in every single hosting plan offered by InMotion Hosting.

At Hostinger, they use a homemade control panel called hPanel to avoid paying cPanel licensing fees. 

cPanel works with any hosting account on any server. hPanel can only be used for Hostinger accounts. 

With InMotion Hosting, all of our VPS Hosting plans include five free cPanel licenses. 

To get cPanel with Hostinger, you will need to pay extra for cPanel hosting. 

1-Click App Installer

When it comes to InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting, both hosting providers offer a 1-click app installer. 

InMotion Hosting’s Softaculous allows you to install more than 400 applications with the click of a button directly from your cPanel.

On the other hand, Hostinger is only able to offer a little over 100 applications with its 1-click app installer, greatly limiting the functionality of its VPS hosting accounts. 

90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The best part about InMotion Hosting VPS hosting plans is that you can rest assured you will be satisfied with your experience. 

In fact, we are so confident that you will love your VPS hosting plan, it’s backed by an industry-leading 90-day money-back guarantee. 

That means you have up to three months to be sure your hosting plan is the perfect fit for you and your business needs. 

Like most other hosting companies, Hostinger’s money-back guarantee is only good for 30 days, and comes with some restrictions. 

24/7/365 U.S.-Based Support

All of our VPS Hosting services include premier Live Support. Our award-winning U.S.-based support teams have the experience and knowledge to expertly guide you to a resolution. 

Amazing customer service starts with comprehensive training. That’s why our customer support teams spend more than 80 hours in training in order to provide you with the best customer support and experience.

With over 175,000 thrilled customers, our team of U.S.-based VPS Hosting experts is available 24/7/365 to resolve your technical issues.

Not only will you receive live hosting support, but you can also take advantage of our comprehensive online support center, step-by-step education channels, and customer community forums. The answer is always at your fingertips.

Hostinger is based in Lithuania, and most of its support is overseas. 

InMotion Hosting vs Other Hosts

InMotion Hosting is not like other hosting providers. 

At first glance, we may seem similar to a lot of other hosting companies, but that just is not true. 

There is a good reason once people become InMotion Hosting customers they tend to stay InMotion Hosting customers. That is because we do things differently than other hosting companies. 

Below are the three aspects of our business that bring customers to InMotion Hosting and keep them customers for life. 

We Are 100% Employee-Owned

Since its inception in 2001, InMotion Hosting has been 100% employee-owned and operated, and we are committed to staying that way. 

By remaining employee-owned, we are able to ensure that we are able to mold our business around the needs of our customers and continue to provide reliable products and services. 

InMotion Hosting has had plenty of opportunities to join larger hosting providers, but that would mean we have to answer to external stakeholders and make decisions largely based on how they affected our overall bottom line. 

Hostinger on the other hand boasts that it is employee-owned, but neglects to mention that employees only own 69% of the company. 

At InMotion Hosting, you can rest assured that the decisions we make are to benefit you the customer, not to line the pocket of wealthy investors. 

Awards and Partners

At InMotion Hosting, we are no stranger to receiving awards and recognition. 

We have received and maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for more than a decade and we’ve been a top-rated CNET web hosting company for 14 years now.

Hostinger is neither BBB accredited nor a top-rated web hosting company by CNET. 

InMotion Hosting chooses to focus on quality over quantity. 

Some of our most recent awards include:

  • G2 Users Love Us
  • G2 Winter 2022
    • Web Hosting Leader
    • Web Hosting Leader Small Business
    • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Leader
    • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) Leader Small Business
  • G2 Spring 2021
    • Web Hosting Leader
    • Web Hosting Leader Small Business
    • Easiest To Do Business With
    • Easiest To Do Business With Small Business
  • 2021 PCMag Editors’ Choice
    • Overall Hosting Providers
    • The Best Web Hosting Services of 2021
    • Affordable VPS Plans
  • 2020
    • Best Web Host
    • Best VPS Web Hosting

Additionally, we partner with some of the best brands in the industry. 

Our partners include:

  • Yahoo
  • Bing 
  • Intel
  • Cisco
  • cPanel
  • Many more

Two Decades of Success

Last but not least, this is not our first day on the job. Actually, it is far from it. 

As the old saying goes, “we weren’t born yesterday.” Hosting is our passion and something we’ve taken pride in providing for two decades. 

In fact, InMotion Hosting celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021, and we are still just as committed to serving our customers now as we were the day we launched the company in 2001.

InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Comparison Table

We have covered a lot of the unlimited features and other perks that InMotion Hosting offers with its VPS hosting plans, but that can be a lot to take in and digest. 

To sum things up, let’s take a look at a visual representation of how InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting stacks up:

FeaturesInMotion HostingHostinger
NVMe ServersYesNo
Unlimited WebsitesYesNo
Unlimited BandwidthYesNo
Dedicated IP AddressesUp to 31
Free SSL CertificatesYesNo
Free Site MigrationsYesNo
Max Storage360 GB NVMe SSDs250 GB SSDs
1-Click App InstallerYesNo
Full Server ManagementYesNo
24/7/365 U.S.-Based SupportYesNo
Money-Back Guarantee90 Days30 Days
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As you can see, when it comes to InMotion Hosting vs Hostinger VPS Hosting, InMotion Hosting has far more to offer.

Enjoy high-performance, lightning-fast servers with increased security and maximum up-time with our Managed VPS Hosting!

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