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There are many WordPress web design techniques to improve search engine optimization (SEO)e.g. popular keywords, plugins (notably Yoast or All in One SEO), and schemas. schemas provide a small box of important info along with search engine results for a brand, person, domain name, and more.

The screenshot to the right is from searching “InMotion Hosting” in Google to illustrate advantages to having certain info easily available.

We’re going to add a musician’s schema in the WordPress header using the Insert Headers and Footers plugin and Schema App online tool.

Note: Learn more about how to create a musician’s website.Create SchemaInsert Schema

Create a Schema

  1. Go to the Schema App online tool.
  2. Choose the “Person” schema type. Companies should choose “organization”.
  3. Complete all important fields. Then click Test Markup.
  4. If the Google Structured Data Testing Tool shows no errors, Copy to Clipboard.

Insert Header

  1. Install and activate the “Insert Headers and Footers” plugin.
  2. On the left, click Settings, then Insert Headers and Footers.
  3. Copy the schema code to the Header text field.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Test your schema with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

Google may take up to a month to show this information in search results. Consider requesting Google recrawl your website afterwards also. Learn more about SEO in our Support Center.

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