How do I get Google to reconsider crawling my site?

At times you may find it necessary to request Google re-index your website. This can be due to a multitude of reasons like your site is performing poorly in the search results than it once did(as long as it does not violate their Webmaster Guidelines), or isn’t appearing in the search results at all.

This can be done through Webmaster Tools. If you’re unfamiliar with Webmaster Tools please review our article on setting up a Webmaster Tools account.

It’s also quite possible if you purchased a domain that previously violated Google’s guidelines before you owned it, you can use the reconsideration request form to let them know you recently acquired the domain and that it now conforms to the guidelines.

To request a reconsideration of your website in Webmaster Tools:

  1. Log into Webmaster Tools.
  2. Make sure you have added and verified the site you want to be reconsidered.
  3. Click on the link in the left menu pane under help with “Reconsideration Requests
  4. A pop-up will open, read through it and you’ll click on the “#3” step entitles “Request reconsideration of your site
  5. Go through the form by filling out all the information and click “Request reconsiderationreconsider_1

If you need further assistance please feel free to contact our support department. Please keep in mind, Google Webmaster Tools is a third party tool and InMotion Hosting cannot provide support for it. 

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