Free Podcast Publishing Platforms

It’s important to maintain active social media accounts as this enhances your social media presence. The same applies to podcasts. Below are websites you can publish your podcasts.


iTunes is the first platform where you should publish your podcast. Afterwards, your podcast may be be picked up by other broadcasting platforms automatically. iTunes also has official link badges.


Player.FM is a podcast platform that may pick up your podcast feed automatically after publishing to iTunes.

Google Play

Google Play allows logged in users to listen to music, radio, and podcasts.


Last.FM plays music and podcasts and connects to Spotify and YouTube.


Stitcher feeds podcasts using their Apple or Google app. Apply to partner with Stitcher after creating an account.

Subscribe On Android

Subscribe On Android displays an URL for subscribing to podcasts and Android podcast apps. This feed originates from podcasters using its parent podcasting application – Bluberry.


TuneIn provides podcasts, local radio broadcasts, news, and music. Publish podcasts to TuneIn using their submission form.

Learn more about podcasting with your web hosting in our live broadcasting section.

Check out more podcast resources from the support center:

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