Understanding Markdown

Many applications use the Markdown markup language – Grav, Github, MatterMost, and Slack – in lieu of HyperText Markup Language (HTML). Below we cover commonly used Markdown tags.

Markdown Basics

Attribute Code Result
Blockquote > Blockquote Text

Blockquote with Multiple Paragraphs > Blockquote 1


> Blockquote 2


Blockquote 1

Blockquote 2
Bold *Bold* Bold
Code Block Indent each line of the block by 4+ spaces or 1 tab <div class=”row”>
<div class=”col-lg-4 col-md-4″>
Heading 1 #Heading 1

Heading 1

Heading 2 ##Heading 2

Heading 2

Heading 3 ###Heading 3

Heading 3

Heading 4 ####Heading 4

Heading 4

Heading 5 #####Heading 5
Heading 5
Heading 6 ######Heading 6
Heading 6
Horizonal Rules Create a line of 3 or more of the following:
* – _

Image [![Alt text for accessibility](/file-path/to/image.jpg “Image Title”)](https://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/grav) Alt text for accessibility
Italic _italic_ Italic
Line Break End a line with 2 or more spaces Line
Link [Duck Duck Go](https://duckduckgo.com “Search engine for privacy”)

Or <[email protected]>

Duck Duck Go
[email protected]
List – Ordered Start a line with a number – i.e.
1. Item 1
  1. Item 1
List – Unordered Start a line with one of the following
– * +
  • Item 1
Paragraph Paragraph Paragraph

Learn more about the Markdown markup language from MarkdownGuide.org and CommonMark.org. Learn more about HTML from our basic HTML tags article.

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