What is Big Blue Button (BBB)?

While looking for Linux-based Video Conferencing solutions, you may come across Big Blue Button (BBB), a free, open-source video conferencing solution that can be installed on most Linux operating systems. BBB interfaces with other remote learning and conference solutions, making it a powerful tool for online training courses and other collaborative projects. Instead of paying for an expensive video conferencing solution, you can install BBB and have total control over your video conferencing and remote learning infrastructure. In this article, we will explore BBB and discuss some of the features available.

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Big Blue Button

Big Blue Button is a Linux-based video conferencing solution that is affiliated with the Open Source Initiative, an organization dedicated to promoting the use of open source software. As such, BBB serves as a free, custom solution that allows users to take full control over the video conferencing platform itself, as opposed to relying on the services of a provider such as Zoom or Google Meet. After you have BBB installed and configured, users will be able to participate as either moderators or viewers, depending on what type of access they are provided. Viewers can join active video conferences to participate via webcam and text-based chat, while Moderators are able to mute/unmute users and designate who the current presenter in the conference is. Through the application of user roles, you can further control how users interact with your video conferences.

Available Features

Big Blue Button contains all of the standard features one would expect from a video conferencing solution. The ability to share video and audio inputs as well as the ability to conduct presentations with a whiteboard functionality that allows for pointers and zooming as well as screen sharing. There are also text-based chat rooms that can be created in both public and private formats. And since BBB uses a pure HTML 5 client, the software can be used in most common web browsers available today. For these reasons, BBB is the obvious choice for users looking for an open source comprehensive video conferencing solution.

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